Purrsday Poetry: Lunch Nudge


Lunch Nudge

By Sara Codair


focused on a wordy screen

until a black cloud

obscures my sight.

Fluff in my face

tickles my nose โ€“

a feather duster

made of fur.

I sneeze.

He leaps.

Paws thud

on carpeted floor.

Trilling chirps

precede the tail

that floats

like a periscope

as it wanders

towards the kitchen.

Trills evolve,

meows break

like rollers

in my ears.

Fluff rubs

on bare calves.

Feathered tail

caresses knees.

Meows demand

whatโ€™s in the can

be transferred

to the bowl.

I obey.

Purrs rumble

out of the fluff.


the kitty eats

while I stand guard.


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