Guest Star: To a Grey Tabby called Biscuit

A good story. Please Read and Share Your Thoughts.


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Daksha:

To a Grey Tabby called Biscuit

Well Biscuit, it is two years now since you padded into my house like most kitties do, without permission, invitation or prior notice!

Five kids playing around in my street, brought me to you, begging me to take you in as you had a wounded leg and their mothers would not allow them to adopt you. One girl, Rupa, who loved you the most, begged me most desperately when I refused, as I already had four cats and could not, would not keep one more. And then you were my my fifth cat!


A dark grey tabby! Then as you settled down and slunk inside my heart, as all cats do, I began to grumble half heartedly to you saying “Biscuit I always wanted a black cat and I got you, dark grey, like the ancient…

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