Cat Among the…Fleas?

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I, personally, believe that all life on this planet is sacred, and go out of my way to share my livespace and its surrounding nature with all creatures that choose to inhabit it–be it spiders, ants, mice, skunks and the like. So, I tend to eschew toxic cleaners and pesticides/insecticides, and spend an inordinate amount of time rescuing bugs, insects, injured wildlife, and stray animals (or, people’s free-roaming pets, in actuality *laugh*).

My cat Cricket, however, gets flea allergy dermatitis very badly. Which usually isn’t a problem, as my cats are kept strictly indoors (for their health and safety, as well as that of the local wildlife and birds). But, I had to move into a place where my roommates let their cats in and out during the day. Naturally, a flea population had migrated indoors with the cats.


Usually the fleas are pretty manageable by conventional methods (Advantage and other…

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