Just One of Millions of American Immigrant Stories

Interesting article.


This is me, just as I was about to immigrate to the United States. Before 1965, it was legal to ban immigrants based on nationality, and Asians in particular were targeted. It was actually referred to as an Asiatic Barred Zone. Then, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, banning discrimination on the basis of national origin. For all who believe everyone should be treated equally, please contact your representatives.

-From a Facebook post by my friend, journalist Mary Green. …

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The Joy of Mud

Liked the poem and pictures.

Animals are Wonderful

sid-004The white snow has gone,

leaving behind a muddy ground.

There I go,

running round and round,

while my furry paws,

pick up all the mud.

Inside I come,

just like mama said,

then she shakes her head

she tries to catch me,

yes, she does,

but I am faster and I lick my own paws,

before I lay down,

to sleep once more,

leaving mama with a frown.


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Seasonal Changes No. 4

I really liked the pictures. Looking forward to more.

rambling ratz

Trees, this only really works with deciduous trees. Firstly, the tree by Victoria House.

The horsechestnut tree by the field.

The tree in a nearby street. I’m cheating here as the tree does not change, just the sky.

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Foggy Street Scenes

Interesting photos.

rambling ratz

Looming out of the fog is this abandoned old house. Its plaque informs us that it is dated from 1884 and named Clifford Place.Photo of empty building in fog

Incidentally, 1884 was the date of the Post Office Protection Act, part of which made it an offence to set fire to post boxes. Photo of post box in fog

Protection of Post Offices, Postal Packets, and Stamps.

Placing injurious substance in or against letter boxes.

3. A person shall not place or attempt to place in or against any post office letter box any fire, any match, any light, any explosive substance, any dangerous substance, any filth, any noxious or deleterious substance, or any fluid, and shall not commit a nuisance in or against any post office letter box, and shall not do or attempt to do anything likely to injure the box, appurtenances, or contents.

Any person who acts in contravention of this section shall be guilty of a…

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