Play, Hide and Nap

Cute post and video.


I have a product that can cater for all three important tasks of us kitties. Play, hide and nap! The product is called Kitty Cloaks.
You might be asking what are Kitty Cloaks? Well its a unique material that rejects cat hair and provides a fun hide n seek place for indoor play. Kitty Cloaks gives your kitties the perception of hiding and stalking in the great outdoors. 

I can still see you but I am sure you can’t see me…

I love the Kitty Cloaks as it will never get torn like tissue paper besides it makes a great game of pouncing for my cotton ball.

I think your Kitty will love this product called Kitty Cloaks. If you want more information on this product follow the link below.


Where to order,

Email :

YouTube :

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11 thoughts on “Play, Hide and Nap

  1. Oh, that’s sweet of you to do that for her. I would like to suggest, if you already haven’t tried, but spraying or sprinkling some catnip on it will re-introduce it to her. just like how you used the cotton ball as a reinforcement to the fun time. This usually does the trick. Plus, it gives you a place to put catnip instead of the floor or something. -Ed

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  2. Your Welcome! If there are any questions please inform your readers they can call or email the Company’s Contact info on the website. I may have an answer for most issues involved through experience. -Ed

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  3. Daisymae, Just for your info and your readers, Kitty Cloaks is holding a contest for Best Video Submission. Multiple entries accepted. All videos are subject to being used for advertising purposes and the Prize for best Video is a $25 Visa Gift Card, good anywhere! Contest ends July, 22nd 2017. Use coupon code ( contest ) for $2 off plus free shipping. Please visit the website and select contact for more info. Thank you, and Have a Happy Feline Safari!!!

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  4. Good Morning Daisymae! This will be my last question unless there is more I can help with. I LOVE getting updates from my clients and it helps to give me useful information to tell others how to solve any issues with this product. Up to date, (testing began in 2012) the biggest problem I have had was one VERY rough cat named “Rocky” that tore up his Kitty Cloak in less than 2 months! Please let me know if the Catnip remedy solved your problem and if your cat went back to using the product without depending on it. Thank you! -Ed


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