Oliver & Nubia: Super-Pooh to the Rescue!

Cute post and Pictures.


Hi everyone,

Today I am Super-Pooh the cat that saved the universe from the evil feather demons!


Nubia: None shall pass by me! Seek and DESTROY! 😀

Oliver: Really… You are never going to be able to get that thing while inside that box.

Nubia: What box? There is no box! This is my Super-Cat outfit!

Oliver: Right… well let’s start from the beginning and show the readers what’s been happening at Katzenworld HQ


Oliver: Our humans received this rather suspicious looking Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth the other day and of course they thought that us cats would be all over it straight away!


Oliver: So human…. You expect me to go in there?!?


Oliver: How gullible do you think I really am?!?


Oliver: Fine… I’ll take a look… Nope nothing interesting in here time to move on…

Nubia: BUT but! It looks like a lot of fun!!!

Oliver: You…

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