My Furry Valentine

Love the valentine pictures, post and little poem you added. Great Job.

Animals are Wonderful

odd-things-002Alright I agree mama sometimes needs to get all mushy. Well if she likes I accept the Valentine’s wishes and yes, I love mama too. Glad papa doesn’t get all kissy and sloppy. So both mama and I agreed to add some amusing kitty Valentines as well as pics of yours truly.


Sid my darling,

no cat could ever be loved so.

You crept into my heart,

on soft, kitty paws

and even when you’re naughty,

just one look at your face,

make me smile once more.

You know nothing about Valentine’s,

but you know you’ve captured mama’s heart.

Your handsome face,

is so divine,

you know that you make,

my every day just fine.

Sid my cat, my prince,

you even make every day shine

and even if you don’t realize it –

with every meow, every purr you steal my heart away!


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