Smoking: Additional reasons why it’s SO hard to quit

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Nicotine and

NOT what you think this post is going to be about!

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Another post in the Walking A Mile in Another’s Shoes Series

It’s National Cancer Prevention Month!
American Institute for Cancer Research

Found HERE

A relatively new study on nicotine and self medication (linked below in the Related Content) prompted me to revisit the topic of smoking.

Why do so many of us continue to do it?

WHY does it seem to be so difficult to put those smokes down — despite the black-box warnings that now come on every pack sold in the USA?

Science rings in

The link between self-medication and smoking really isn’t news to me, by the way, but some scientific validation is always reassuring.

An article I published early-ish in 2013 can be found HERE – where I discussed the relationship between…

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3 thoughts on “Smoking: Additional reasons why it’s SO hard to quit

  1. How wonderful of you to reblog this post. Thank you so much. I’ve been getting so many different reactions to it – on my site and on a couple of sites where it’s been reblogged. I wonder what your readers will think of it. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, btw. I hope you love blogging as much as many of the rest of us – many who have been at it for years!


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