‘How does your cat love you back? – How To Ensure you and your cat create a lovely bond.’

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By London cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey

The cat has travelled a long way and endured many ups and downs to win the hearts of the nation. According to the recent BBC Documentary ‘Cat Wars’, our cheeky fur bods are now the most popular companion animals in the Western World. Originating from the big cats of Africa, domesticated and idolised in Egypt, vilified throughout Medieval Europe and presently enjoying a devotional status by millions of cat lovers in the western world. It is only right that we try to give them the best care and attention; this can be achieved by understanding how they communicate with us. Cats have paid a high price to remain in our favour so what can we do to understand them better?

How do cats show us they love us?

Cats communicate slightly differently with us, compared with how they communicate with other cats. For instance…

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