Mounting evidence to prove that flat-faced cat breeds are suffering

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Hi everyone,

While many of us love and care for Persian cats it’s unfortunate that some breeders (not saying all!) do take breeding this particular breed to an extreme causing serious health harm for the cats.

As some of you know we go to Japan a lot and unfortunately we’ve seen this problem in a cat cafe that almost solely had rejected Persian cats as their deformities were so severe that no regular owner wanted to keep them anymore… hence why we thought it important to share the shout-out from our partner charity International Cat Care on the impact this is having on these breeds:

picture-1There is growing evidence to show that flat-faced or brachycephalic cats (picture 1), including most modern Persians or Exotic Shorthairs, are suffering from a number of health problems, leading to lifelong suffering as a direct result of being ‘designed’ to have a very flat face. This…

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