Oliver & Nubia: Fun “egg-cercising” with the Egg-Cersizer™

Cute post.


Hi everyone,

Believe it or not but today it was me Oliver who went for something first!


Nubia: Only because food was involved…

Oliver: Shhhh don’t mess with my concentration to get those treats out of there.

Nubia: Exactly what I was telling our readers. ;D


Oliver: I’ve pushed it… but nothing is coming out….


Nubia: I suppose if it was that easy it would mean a fat cat like you would get fatter rather than exercise? 😀

Oliver: WHAT? You are calling me fat??? Have you checked the mirror recently…


Oliver: Anyhow… How are we going to get treats out of here!


Nubia: Hurry up and get me some too…


Nubia: ALMOST! A little more!


Nubia: Aha he has got something. 😀 But only one crunch… where is mine…

Oliver: Working on it! 😮

Nubia: Well I may actually get some crunches at some point… But as you can…

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