Mila’s little book 📚 reviews-What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford

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Hey guys, it’s another day at doodlingpanda!! Sorry 😐 guys I haven’t posted for a while(no offence!) I was just planning on a series, (I will announce later as i have to decide on what it would be!)

So lets jump to the book review!

So I am gonna review a book I read recently.

And the book 📚 is….

What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford!!

So this book revolves around a twelve year old girl named Ethel Leatherhead, who sets out to find a cure for her pimples, but later tries a medicine she order online and Boof! She turns invisible! But then she finds out that the invisibility is temporary and with this invisibility power, she finds out more about how her mother dies ,her real identity and many more deep and dark secreta of her life! This story also includes her…

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A wander round the Lake at Virginia Water

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Last weekend was grey and damp, not conducive to time spent outside, or so it seemed from inside! Once we got out and walking however, we warmed up and enjoyed our walk. We headed for Virginia Water, part of the Royal Landscape of Windsor Great Park.

Under the leaden skies there were pops of colour, interest amid the gloom.

In the Valley Gardens the camellias and azaleas were in bud, the odd bloom opened to reveal bright bold colours.

I love the fresh bright promise of the summer ahead.

Above the emergent blooms the trees still have their skeletal winter forms, revealing the shape of trunk and branches.

The bare trees also reveal colour, patterns in the bark and fungi, decorating the trees with interesting forms.

When you look closely, the trees are a whole range of colours, Browns, greens, orange, black, purple in the shadows.

On a bridge, the…

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Astana, Kazakhstan

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ast-caspian-seaKazakhstan is a Central Asian country and a former Soviet republic. The borders of the country extend from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at the east border with China and Russia.


The capital city is Astana along the Ishim River in the north of the country. The left bank is ultramodern with impressive architecture.


The city’s most extraordinary building is the Khan Shatyr, a 150m-high translucent structure that resembles a tent. It is made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a heat-absorbing material that produces summer temperatures inside even though outside it is -30 degrees C. This is a “lifestyle center with world-class shopping”. The interiors has multi-levels and a food court.


Attractions here include a drop tower, flume ride and a 500m-long monorail. On the top level you’ll find the Sky Beach Club with a big swimming pool, sandy beach, palm trees and water slide…

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Frankie: The First Three Years – Part One

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Bad Cat Chris

Our cat Frankie has now been with us three years already. Time sure does fly. (To see my first post about him, read here). I thought we adopted him late in February but it was actually February 8, and I missed it. So even though I’m a little late, I thought I would show a few highlights from Frankie’s first three years.

20140208_144817_cat_frankie After visiting at least two other shelters, we fond Frankie at a PetSmart in Clearwater, Florida. He only had a number, no name.

Our new cat Frankie Chris was unexpectedly hostile toward Frankie, so after hiding under the bed for his first day, Frankie decided to come out of his self-imposed exile on day two. It helped that we had shut out Chris and Puck from the bedroom.

Our cat Frankie playing with Turbo Scratcher Frankie was a playful cat but…

Chris interupts Our cat Frankie playing with Turbo Scratcher When Chris was around, there was no playing.

Our cats Chris and Frankie Outside. Frankie’s first foray outside was successful… until he discovered he could walk…

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My Days In The Sun

A very nice poem. The pictures are good too.

Animals are Wonderful

SID 001.JPGNow deep in the winter,

I sleep and dream,

dream of my days in the sun.

When out in the garden,

I could have some fun.

The days are now gray and dreary,

it’s hard to even find a small,

warm sunspot.

But I dream of when the grass,

won’t be cold beneath,

my padded, little feet.

When it will be lush and green,

then my smile will say it all,

I will once again climb,

the apple trees so tall.

It will all be fun again,

having my days in the sun.


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Friday Fun: Diet Dilemmas

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ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Wrestling with weight?
Since nobody really likes dieting …
Let’s laugh the whole thing off

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
from the Friday Funnies Series

Quick Intro before we get to the Funnies

A hop around the internet will tell you that many of us online are obsessed with how much we weigh. And nobody seems any too happy about it either – except, of course, people who make their living selling diet food, diet tips, exercise videos and workout gear.

Baby weight, winter poundage, the freshman fifteen, mid-life creep, post-surgery weight gain, medication side-effects – it seems that many of us in first world nations are fighting fat.

At the other end of the scale are people – mostly women, but men too – who are trying valiantly to gain weight, and none too happy about the “anorexic” comments that heavier humans sling around.


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