Mila’s little book 📚 reviews-What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford

Nice post. Liked your emojis.


Hey guys, it’s another day at doodlingpanda!! Sorry 😐 guys I haven’t posted for a while(no offence!) I was just planning on a series, (I will announce later as i have to decide on what it would be!)

So lets jump to the book review!

So I am gonna review a book I read recently.

And the book 📚 is….

What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford!!

So this book revolves around a twelve year old girl named Ethel Leatherhead, who sets out to find a cure for her pimples, but later tries a medicine she order online and Boof! She turns invisible! But then she finds out that the invisibility is temporary and with this invisibility power, she finds out more about how her mother dies ,her real identity and many more deep and dark secreta of her life! This story also includes her…

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