Elvis In The House

I like the pictures. I also like the name of the post.


Elvis In The HouseWhen we first got this little cat house Elvis wasn’t interested in it in the slightest. Whilst Lola and Sampson fussed over it, sniffing out the catnip and testing the scratchable floor, Elvis gave it a disinterested glance and went back to sleep.

It’s funny how things change.

Lola and Sampson seem to no longer have any interest in the cat house at all. None whatsoever. But Elvis…

Elvis In The House 2We frequently find Elvis curled up in there asleep. Or as curled up as the narrow house allows. It seems to be one of his favourite napping places now. So much so that the scratchable base is slowly filling with fluff to become a nice soft bed!


Lady Joyful

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