Oliver & Nubia: Help! Grumpy Cat is coming to get us!

Cute.I hope Oliver and Nubia saved their kingdom.


Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here today and my sister and me are in need of help. We are under attack by some odd Grumpy Cat!


Oliver: Look! It’s looking at me!!!

Nubia: I don’t think the humans can actually tell that Oliver… you are at the wrong angle…


Oliver: NOW they can… LOOK it’s a rather grumpy looking cat fishing device…

Nubia: Wimp… I think it’s cute. 😮


Oliver: Very carefully… Time to save our kingdom!

Nubia: Right… It’s time for the QUEEN to take over and show this wimp of a brother how to deal with toys like this. 😀



Nubia: Muahaha this grumpy cat toy has nothing to protect itself against my fierce claws and teeth.

Oliver: That we can see… And I am glad that I am NOT your target o.o

Oliver: On another note for those cats of you out there that…

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