Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat

Liked this article/Post especially the part that states Garbage In = Garbage Out.


Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat

Garbage in equals garbage out. That’s true whether we’re talking about programming a computer or feeding and taking care of ourselves and our pets. In recent years, awareness has spread that many of the products on the supermarket shelf may not be the best foods to consume if we want to live a long, healthy life, and now that same awareness is shining a light on how to best care for the animals in our families.


Healthy Food Doesn’t Come in a Can

Canned pet foods are undeniably convenient for pet owners, and given the excitement at dinner time they must taste good to our furry friends, but these foods are about as far away from a natural feline diet as you can get. Cats relish fresh muscle and organ meat, but what they actually get in their bowls is a mesh of…

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