Cat Talk: Yes it is!

Cute story. So cute I decided to follow Ziva and Gibbs. Did you name your cats after the characters on NCIS?


Ziva? Ziva? Are you napping?

Ummmm…really? You’re kidding, right?

Well, wake up. Mom wants us to write a post for her. She’s busy decompressing during her vacation and would rather sit on the couch, watch daytime TV and eat a cupcake.

Oh. Are cupcakes good?

I’ve heard they are good, but the humans never offer one. All I get is beef, chicken and smoked salmon. And an occasional cat treat.

Ohhhhhh…I love the salmon. You can keep everything else, just give me kibble, treats and smoked salmon. Yum. Anyhow, what are we supposed to write about? We don’t do anything exciting, especially since it’s winter and there are no birds outside the window.

We could tell everyone what we got for Christmas.

Okay, you go first.

Santa brought me a new box. I love my new box. It’s very comfortable, which makes it a great place for a nap.


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