Two Red Cats 9 – The White Beast

Cute Post. Did LILY & VITALI Ever Come To Like The Dog And Become Unafraid?


Bobbyis the shepherd dogof ourneighbour, a white and hugebeast, hairy, verysweetwith us(andcats), butgood guardian(can beterrifyingand it isa while thatthe thievesare no longervisiting us).Since we really lovedogs, we have givenour permissionto the ownersto let himcometo usin the evening, and soeven though we haven’ta dogof our ownwe canplay with heand he canalsowatch overour garden(before, the thieves stole pumpkins,garlicand tomatoes). Yet, although it is very sweet, LilyandVitaliareterrified of him, perhaps becausehe’s huge, butcertainlynotbecause it isa dog, becausethey were bornin a housewith twohunting dogsBah.

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