Istanbul, Turkey

Just Gorgeous Pictures. Hard To Pick A Favorite. Can’t wait To See More Pictures.


tur ist

In this world today one cannot be sure of what will happen when traveling. There are safe places and places you cannot be sure that something won’t happen. However in our armchair travels we can enjoy taking a look at most any place in the world and not have to worry about actually being there. Then in time we can make the decision of traveling there when things make a turn for the better. Another great thing about armchair travels is that we can go from one place to another with no problems at all. So while I am making up our travel itinerary as I go along I chose to include Turkey in our travels because the country has many amazing things to see including 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Turkey is a country that is partly in eastern Europe and also in western Asia. It is bordered by…

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Pot Smoking and Developing Brains

Interesting. Shared this on LinkedIn.

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Studies may lead to help for PTSD
as well as a greater understanding of addiction
and schizophrenia

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Foundational Concept of the Intentionality Series
Opinions vs. Facts

Reefer Madness?

Found HEREFound HERE

Weed, Ganja, MaryJane, Cannabis, Pot, Hemp, Herb, Reefer

Some of my Senior readers may not recognize each of them, but practically any teen can tell you that they are all names for marijuana.

You know, that stuff you can roll into a joint that – except in jest – only the most out-of-it refer to as “a funny cigarette.”

The technical term for marijuana is cannabis – for a very good reason.  Since at least 1967, various chemical constituents of marijuana have been classified as cannabinoids.

They act on cannabinoid receptors in cells throughout our bodies, and alter neurotransmitter release in the brain – but they are NOT all the same.

One toke…

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Friday Fun: Napland!

Just loved the funnies.

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Trouble falling asleep?
staying asleep?
waking up on time – or napping?
I feel your pain, so …
Let’s laugh the whole thing off

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
from the Sleep and Friday Funnies Series

National Sleep Awareness Week  — March 2 – 9

Quick Intro before we get to the Funnies

I think I struck a chord with my recent Sleep Awareness Post on the napping studies.  Opinions and experiences were varied, and some comments from a few folks seemed a tad frustrated or misunderstood.

So today, even though National Sleep Awareness Week ended yesterday, Thursday the 9th, we are lightening up for a bit of Friday Fun as we continue to think about sleep.

After all, sleep is supposed to comprise a third of our lives – for most of us, anyway.

So the topic is worth at least
an extra day of…

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In My Garden

I like your poem and photos.

Animals are Wonderful

odd-things-020I sit upon the shelf and keep a vigil out the window for true signs of spring. As mom says in her poem once everything starts blooming I am up and out the door. High up in a blooming apple tree I can hide and know can bother me.

The rains have come

and washed the snow away

I march on out

into my garden to see

once spring comes along blooming

the apple trees burst forth in white blossoms

along with the pear

and in mid-spring white blossoms

magically fill the air

the smell of spring

is wafting all around

and white clouds

in the sky appear

with the snow gone

it does give me hope

as the sun’s rays

are now warm upon my face

my cat has found a patch

of sunlight on the window sill

with greenery all around

is happily listening

to bird choruses in…

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Just Hanging Out

Cute Photos.

Animals are Wonderful

Sid Kitchen 003The snow still hasn’t melted outside so there is not much I can do in the garden. I spent part of my day lying on the buffet in the kitchen keeping a watch out for the crows that hop about our garden.

Desk Sid 001.JPGThen I finally made a mad dash about the garden and when I sat down my eyes lit up with inspiration so I jotted my ideas down.

Sid Sid 001Then it was time to get into my bag and relax.

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Adventure to uncover!!

Cute Poem. Went to follow you on linkedIn but no LinkedIn follow button. Such as life-right?🙂🙂


All the time,

Its one thing in my mind

A journey,

An adventure to uncover!

My mind wandering,

Here and there,

Pens rolling,

Pages flipping,

Maps flying,

In the air of adventure,

A journey,

An adventure yet to uncover!

Atlast! A journey,

Crossed my path,

Standing atop,

A soaring cliff,

Million beats,

Of a rhythmic heart,

Falling down,

Flying up,

A journey,

An adventure just uncoverd!
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