Sunshine and showers

Cute. I love dogs as long as they are not mean. I am a animal lover though.



Our training is just like the weather. Sometimes better than some other times. Brian’s making progress, the most important thing is that his panic attacks have gone now. He’s wary of people-and he might always be-but he keeps calm around most of them. I never let anyone we don’t know approach him and try to touch him. I’m happy when I see curiosity waking up in him, the need to sniff at someone, investigate if it’s worth saying hello to them.


Lily is of no help whatsoever, but I love her independence so much I don’t want to change her. It’s hard to believe how different she is from the dog who arrived to us nearly two years ago and was too scared to go out to the garden, walk up the stairs or even eat (for the first few weeks Lily only ate in the night, after we’d gone…

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