A Pawfect Way to Drink

I like your videos. I guess not all cats are afraid of water.



I have been enjoying the new cat bed that we got!

Yeah, and totally stealing it from me!

Well, sorry, but you have been so preoccupied with inventing new ways to drink.

Oh, right! Yes, I invented a totally new way of drinking that no cat or human has ever seen until today!

So, what is it really that you are doing here?

Isn’t it obvious?


I am incorpurating my paw into the complicated manouver of this special drinking method that involves years of intense training until you have enough skill to pull it off.

 know what you’re thinking: “When can I start my lessons?” Well, you can call me on my private cell and book an appointment.


Cats require 2-4 ounces of fresh water in addition to their food. This of course depends on if the cat is eating wet or dry…

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Siamese (Twin) Cats

Interesting Post. Liked the Photos.



This week we have been practicing our siamese-twin-cats act!

We think we are prety good! What do you guys think?

Photo 12-02-2017, 09 17 24And I have been practicing my disappearing act, where I vanish into the closet in Zoe’s bedroom!

That is my favorite act of yours, I must say, Lola! Mostly just because you disappear for a while… And because every time you do the trick I can make a cheesy joke about coming out of the closet…

You know Lola, you’re a pretty weird cat.

Yeah, that’s true. I think the humans love it too! Here is a video that Zoe took of me getting in the zone while lying next to her on the couch:


The most commonly observed two-headed animals are turtles and snakes.



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Sunday Sevens 5th March 2017 All about the pancakes! 

Your food pictures make me hungry and I liked the other photos too.


This week has been all about pancakes! It was Shrove Tuesday and magazines I’d picked up had various delicious looking pancake recipes from around the world in them, so we made it a whole week of pancakes.

On Monday I tried Korean pancakes with spring onions and prawns. The pancake was made with a mixture of cornflour and plain flour and was light and crunchy. These were really delicious, not like anything I’d tried before.

Shrove Tuesday is always a day for pancakes. Today we tried one new recipe, along with regular pancakes with the time honoured favourite- sugar and lemons.

The new recipe was for Indian Dosa with spicy potatoes. These pancakes used a mix of gram flour and plain flour. The graphics flour added an almost nutty flavour, a great combination with the hit of spice in the potatoes. Served with minted yoghurt, these were very tasty.


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February review of books 

Sounds Like Some Interesting Books.


It’s been a slow month for reading, I’ve only read five books, but it’s included some very good books. Here’s my review of books for the month.

Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon

I loved this book. Sharp and funny, it’s a glimpse into living life with OCD. Not being a little tidy, but full blown people will die if I don’t do these specific things, taking over your life OCD. 1 in 4 people will have a mental illness, this is a great book to shine a light on what it’s like to live with one.

Lie With Me Sabine Durrant

I didn’t like this book. I found the characters thoroughly unlikeable and didn’t relate to any of them. There was a twist to the tale but even this was fairly predictable. I’m not quite sure why I bothered reading to the end, at least I have a sense of…

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February #walk1000miles update

Might Have Been A Gloomy Day But The Photos Made Up For It.


It’s been a slighter slower month for waking than January. There have been wet, stormy, windy days where a lunchtime walk has not been appealing. Although I did walk in the midst of the winds of Storm Doris, an invigorating experience that almost took my breath away!

I walked 68.83 miles in February bringing my total for the year to 153.94/1000. This leaves me slightly behind target but with lighter, longer days ahead I hope to catch up in March.

In contrast to less lunchtime walking, we’ve increased our weekend walking. Early in the month we enjoyed a spring like day at Moor Copse, a beautiful Wildlife Trust reserve.

We had a (longer than planned!) 10 mile walk on the outskirts of Maidenhead, starting from Ockwells Park at the back of my childhood home. It was a mixture of road walking, pleasant paths and very muddy fields, with an…

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Alphabet Dating: K is for Kew Gardens 

Beautiful Photos


A couple of weeks ago now we had our “K” date at the wonderful Kew Gardens. The gardens are one of my favourite places, they are a joy to visit all year round, a real oasis of calm and beauty in West London.

For our date, I’d bought tickets for Kew Lates, part of the Orchid Festival, this is an adult only evening event. The orchid festival is an annual event, taking place in February, the greyest month of the year, filling the princessof Wales conservatory with a kaleidoscope of colour.

The theme for this year’s festival was India. The Kew Lates event included live Indian drumming, delicious food, a soundscape of Calcutta, henna art, a chance to try on Traditional Indian clothing and jewellery, presentations on culinary and medicinal uses of Indian plants and a chance to talk to one of Kew’s experts about orchid care.

There was also…

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Alphabet Dating: I is for Italian 

Interesting Post. I might do Ice Cream with chocolate syrup and plenty of peanuts.


This weekend we had our “I” date. We are lucky to have a local business “Delights of Italy“, who sell delicious Italian products and beautiful homewares. They also offer cookery workshops, where you can learn to make pasta and pizza.

For this date, we visited their premises on a sunny Saturday lunchtime for a pizza making workshop. We were welcomed by Jackie, the friendly proprietor and given aprons to wear.

We were then given the ingredients to make our pizza bases, 00 flour, semolina flour and a mix of olive oil, yeast, sugar and warm water. We mixed this together to form a dough, then popped it into a bag to prove.

We were offered a beer, wine or soft drink and Italian snacks while we waited for our bread to prove.

Once the bread proved it was time to roll out our pizza bases. The dough was…

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The joy of gorse

Pretty flower. Where is this flower mostly located? I don’t think I have seen this flower before.


I love gorse! The bright yellow flowers that bloom all year round are so cheerful in the colder, greyer months of the year, providing a welcome splash of interest.

When gorse is out of bloom,

Kissing’s out of season

This old saying is reference to the fact that gorse is never out of bloom.

In summer the smell of gorse in bloom is heavenly, sweet and coconutty. At the end of a hot summer day I love to hear the gorse seed pods expoloding, little pops all around in the gorse bushes as you walk across a Heath.

Gorse also provides a valuable habitat for wildlife. It’s great for invertebrates, providing a valuable source of nectar early and late in the year, thanks to its long flowering season.

It also provides shelter and nesting space for a range of birds including stonechats, linnets, yellowhammers and dartford warblers. For dartford warblers…

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