Everything You Need to Know About Bringing Your Cat on a Hiking Trip

Interesting. Never thought of taking a cat on a hike.


Hiking with a cat may seem like an odd notion at first. This is not something you see often in movies or in real life for that matter. But, believe it or not, this endeavor is not only possible, but also becoming more and more common. What is more, leash walking provides both mental stimulation and physical activity for your beloved animal companion. Then again, there are some rules to follow, as you need to introduce the cat to everything from a harness to the trail.

Testing the waters

In general, cats enjoy outdoor escapades and exploration, although not all felines are cut out for outdoor exploits. So, before you hit the trail together, there is some legwork to do. First off, it is recommended to check whether your cat is in good condition. Likewise, assess your kitty’s personality and figure out whether hiking is something it will like or…

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