Daisy Mae Playing With Her Daddy
Daisy Mae Playing Pole With Her Daddy
Daisy Mae playing with her Daddy.
Daisy Mae Sitting With Her Back To Her Daddy

Everyone has a hero or heroes they may look up to daily. But can they say they have an unsung hero in their lives? Everyone has to answer this question daily. The way I answer this question is like this. My heroes are my parents and when my grandparents were alive, they were also my heroes. As for my unsung heroes, well I would say that would be my parents. Since day 1 they have not only encouraged me but helped me strive to meet my goals.  For example, when I became unemployed when the store closed its doors, they have helped me work through being unemployed. Also, some other examples might be when the son and/or daughter finds themselves as a caregiver because the roles are switched and the children must take care of the parents. This would have to be tough.  I haven’t had to deal with that with my parents yet.

Unsung heroes mean something different to each of us but to me it means someone who should be recognized for something but rarely gets the deserved recognition they deserve.

I know everyone believes something different and that’s why we have choices. Let’s think about something for a moment and that is where you find an unsung hero, you will usually find an angel. Why is that? In my opinion, it’s mainly because your unsung heroes could be your guardian angels.

Guardian angels are great. I have had one since the day I was born. Let me give you an example. I was working one day and fell backwards. No big deal except that right beside me where I fell was a glass table with a metal base. I feel my guardian angel guided my fall and let me fall on the marble floor and not on the metal base of the table. I could give many more examples but will not.

As you probably figured out that I believe in guardian angels and they play an important role in our daily life. Also, you will find that Unsung Heroes And Guardian Angels go hand in hand.

Above in the pictures is one of my unsung heroes, my Dad playing with the cat.