Nubia: Can you guess what I am sitting in?

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Hi everyone,

So from the feature image were you able to guess what I was sitting in? No? Yes? Well here is another picture!


Nubia: Does this make it easier to guess?

Nubia: So you think it’s a basket? Well that’s almost right… It’s a basket style bed on top of my shiny new TiggaTower. 😀

Nubia: I immediately knew that it was a TiggaTower! 😀 I had seen them on the Tigga Towers website and I’ve been trying to mind control my humans to get one for a while…:D

Nubia: The most important part of the arrival of any new tower is to ensure that the humans have connected all parts safely and securely… Wouldn’t even trust my two humans to do this so you better make sure you do the same. 😉

Nubia: The next bit is even more important… you have to put your scent ALL OVER…

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