Oliver & Nubia: Almo Nature CatLitter? But I thought they only made food!

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Hi everyone,

It’s both us here together with a BIG surprise from our friends over at Almo Nature! As you know we love their food which we previously reviewed here.

This time they’ve given us their new cat litter to try!

Nubia: Of course Oli thought immediatly that it must be food… because he is obsessed with eating all the Almo food all the time!

Oliver: Hey now… I knew this wasn’t food!!!

Nubia: Right well onto more important things, the Almo CatLitter. 😉

Almo Nature CatLitter is an all-natural, biodegradable, compostable and flushable cat litter made from vegetable fibres.

Nubia: I am getting very curious what this will feel like under my paws… and will it work with our toilet?

Oliver: I don’t think any of our readers know about our new toilet yet sister…

Nubia: Oh yes that’s right that one is coming up as a future review…

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