Speaking in tongues

Cute post. Liked the pictures too.



Not as a part of religious practice. To dogs. I wonder if other dog owners have their own, made up languages – words/phrases/sounds that they use when communicating with their dogs. I most certainly do. Hoping nobody would ever hear me (oi, yum, ta-dah, achoo, sheeoo-sheeoo, yaooh- and other utterances that I won’t risk spelling). Obviously, I rely on the dogs reacting to the intonation rather than meaningful words here.

However, dogs recognise words as well. Try saying ‘walkies’ or whatever you use to indicate a walk using different intonations-the dog might be confused, but will understand.

The way dogs distinguish words and languages has always fascinated me. As always, I experiment on my dogs. I use different languages for different purposes. Commands are in Norwegian (no retroflex flap, more alveoral tap or trill when pronouncing ‘r’) and everything else is in English. Ardbeg was a multilingual dog, though Brian…

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