Hi everyone, sorry the link isn’t working. I would still like to find out what would make you follow my other site? Below are options and unlike a poll, you can comment and put down what you’d like to see if it’s not in the choices below.  However if you click on the picture beside where it says WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) then underneath where it says Archives click on April and it should come up or click view and it should come up. If not, below are your choices.

Good Luck All. Thanks for your patience.

The choices are:

  1. The Pictures
  2. Posts I Reblog On My New Site
  3. Both Pictures And Reblogging Posts
  4. Having A Theme Each Week
  5. All The Above

Once Again, sorry the link for the poll isn’t working but I thought I’d give everyone a chance to vote and comment anyway. Can’t wait for the results and read your comments.




  1. I am here today because you follow “Spike”. I am Spike’s advisor. These are just my impressions. You have too many posts on the page. I scroll forever and still don’t reach the bottom because I am tired of scrolling. Go to WP ADMIN/SETTINGS/READING/Blog pages show at most: Pick a number 10 to 3. Syndication feeds show: use the same number, then SAVE. On your ABOUT page update the first line. I would delete the next two lines about shares etc and say perhaps I want to meet new friends. The rest is GREAT! From your instructions on this post, I could not find your “Archives” or any other widgets. If you have them, I cannot see them. There is a “visibility” setting for each individual widget. Since you are the editor, you can see them regardless while others cannot! It should be no selection selected. If you are doing pictures, then pictures are what we expect to see. Use YOUR pictures not anyone else’s. Keeps you out of trouble! REBLOGS simply direct people AWAY from your website. They help the people you reblog, and not you! You want them to stay, so I rarely use them, except for Spike. I want people to GO there. I am no mega blog but I have walked in your shoes. Other questions I can probably answer. Deleting this will not hurt my feelings! Good work on the “security” lock!!!


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