Fascinating Fes

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fesFes is an exotic and fascinating city located in northeastern Morocco. It is often referred to as the cultural capital of the country. There are many architectural wonders and historic buildings to delight in.

fes tanneries

One of the most iconic sights in the city and the most unbelievable scents come from the Chaouwara Tanneries. Here world-class leather is produced making use of methods that have changed little since medieval times. In the mornings you can see pits here full of colorful dye. To see it all the best way is to enter any one of the many leather shops here that have been built into the wall that surround the site.

fes Art-NajiCeramics1

At Art Naji is the place to go for ceramics and this is where you can get the distinctive blue pottery or intricate mosaics and much more. Guides will be glad to show you around. The clay used…

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Rabat on the Bouregreg River

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The capital of Morocco, Rabat sits on the shores of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for landmarks of Islamic and French-colonial heritage.

rab kasbah

A top tourist attraction is the Kasbah district. Here inside the fortress wall that date from the 11th century you’ll find a small and peaceful neighborhood. Here you can stroll along twisting white and blue lanes in Andalusian-style.

rab kasbah mosque

Visit the Kasbah Mosque which was built in 1150 and is the oldest mosque in the city. This area also offers great views over to Sale and the Atlantic Ocean.

rab andalusian

Outside of the mosque are the beautiful Andalusian Gardens that were laid out in the early 20th century. Within the gardens you’ll fine the Oudaias Museum housed in a 17th century lodge. At the far end of the lodge a room shows an ancient Moroccan interior. There is also an…

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Urgent Need of a Patient, Loving Person in the Phoenix Area

Good post. I hope you all share this post to help these boys find a forever loving home. Shared on LinkedIn.

Luanne Castle: Poetry and Other Words (and cats!)

Wedding week is here, so our family is busy and scatterbrained. But before I sign out for the celebration days, I need to share an important message. I jabber about Perry a lot. He’s a cat who is somewhere on the continuum between feral and socialized. I hope with my loving care that he can become socialized enough to make a very good house cat. He showed up in the right yard if he wanted to find somebody who was willing to give him a chance.

But at our shelter for the past full year we have had two little brothers who are just like Perry. They even look a little like him–furry and grayish. I’ve posted about them in the past, but they are growing older and are now fully adult cats. They have become socialized enough that they love to play games with people. They looove other cats…

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