Friday evening and Saturday afternoon fishing; and Effieland’s garden

Interesting Post. Loved The Pictures Especially Of The Turtles. Where Can You Buy The Seeds To Grow Catnip? Is It Available In The States? Shared On LinkedIn.

Eel Creek Chronicles

We joined millions of caddisflies at the pond after dinner yesterday, and they were worth the bother of being swarmed by tiny bugs tickling our faces. The fish we aspired to catch love to jump up and catch and eat caddisflies, and they become so excited that they seem eventually to work up an appetite for our pretty enameled steel lures. In a little over an hour, we had each caught four trout–one short of our allowable limits–but it was growing dark. My husband cleans each fish as soon as it’s caught, and puts it in a bag with ice until we get home and put all the cleaned fish into the freezer to await canning.

This afternoon we returned to the pond  after lunch, when no caddisflies were assembled; we caught just two trout each. The twelve from our two fishing outings are now in Mason jars, steaming in the canner.

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