Rabat on the Bouregreg River

Love the pictures as always. I love how you take us on a brief tour almost like we’re there.🙂🙂🚍🚍🚉🚉🚕🚕🚓🚓🚙🚙



The capital of Morocco, Rabat sits on the shores of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for landmarks of Islamic and French-colonial heritage.

rab kasbah

A top tourist attraction is the Kasbah district. Here inside the fortress wall that date from the 11th century you’ll find a small and peaceful neighborhood. Here you can stroll along twisting white and blue lanes in Andalusian-style.

rab kasbah mosque

Visit the Kasbah Mosque which was built in 1150 and is the oldest mosque in the city. This area also offers great views over to Sale and the Atlantic Ocean.

rab andalusian

Outside of the mosque are the beautiful Andalusian Gardens that were laid out in the early 20th century. Within the gardens you’ll fine the Oudaias Museum housed in a 17th century lodge. At the far end of the lodge a room shows an ancient Moroccan interior. There is also an…

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