Deer like most animals~Like to eat~In Fact if you feed Deer, you will probably not only end up feeding the Deer~But you will end up~Feeding other animals too.~When you Feed Deer~The Deer will eventually get to know you~And become Friendly to the Place~Where you can almost walk up to them.~Always remember,~Deer are still wild Animals~And still have instincts~That were born right in them~So always be careful~No Matter what~And to make it more interesting~You might want to get a Game Camera to Watch the Deer~And what else might come along.

Poem By: Crystal Stewart(2017)


The pictures above are my Dad and his deer and other animals he feeds. We are blessed and love the fact we can enjoy Deer up close and personal.

*Note* Game Cameras make good Security cameras along with regular Security cameras.


12 thoughts on “DEER

    1. They did learn to trust him. During hunting season, we don’t feed them until all hunters are out of the woods. We think of the deer as family.🙂🙂😀😀 Just so you know, I’m sorry getting you and Anita mixed up.🤦🤦🤦🤦

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      1. Must be lovely for you seeing them so close. I imagine you worry about them during hunting season though, I know I would. Honestly don’t worry about the mix up 😃

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