Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…) Version 2

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Some time ago, I have done a post on how to give tablets to your cat in a reasonably painless manner.

That method works with nearly 90% of the cats I know (not a scientific statistics, just a matter of speech!)

However, as you all know, cats are some of the most unpredictable animal on earth, of course there will be some cats who don’t like that method.

So I have developed Version 2 of this method!

Here is a photo demonstration:

Step 1 – Buy a block of cheese. It doesn’t have to be this brand.

Step 2 – Cut up a little corner of cheese

Step 3 – Prepare the tablet

Step 4 – Poke a hole in the piece of cheese

Step 5 – Put tablet into the hole

Step 6 – Roll the cheese into a ball so that the tablet is in the middle…

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7 thoughts on “Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…) Version 2

  1. We’ve been very lucky, and not had too much trouble when giving our kitties pills. Especially Cookie, who needs to take a pill twice daily for her epilepsy. She sits and let’s you pop the pill in her mouth, and swallows it down. She sometimes get given a treat as a positive reward. 😃

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  2. When we first got our girls we had to give them a pill every day for 30 days. It didn’t help that it was a HUMAN pill that had to be cut in half. So there were sharp edges. We had elected to NOT feed the cats human food so we weren’t willing to use it to give them there pills. We bought pill poppers. That helped. It was still an ordeal, but we all survived.

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      1. Yes, for us and our cats that was the only way we could even have a chance of the pill getting INTO the cat. Otherwise it just didn’t work. The popper allows you to put it way back in their mouth. Almost down their throat. I would have preferred to use water, too, but my husband wouldn’t “let” me. I think a little water WITH the pill helps for them to get it down.

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