A Gentle Nudge [ Prayer for Hope ]

This is a good post.

9 thoughts on “A Gentle Nudge [ Prayer for Hope ]

  1. Hello Thank you for your visit to my blog, and follow.. The email linkage is to the right side bar if you scroll down my blog.. But you should get email alerts too.
    I saw no link to the post for Hope above , So can not follow it..
    Wishing you a wonderful day.. and hope it is less frustrating from reading the above comment..

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  2. Thank you Crystal I followed your blog.. No I meant to the post link A gentle nudge A prayer for hope.. you said this is a good post.. I was expecting a link there to be to a post.. No worries if none..
    Enjoy your day xx

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    1. Let’s try this, go to your Reader click on Search type in A Gentle Nudge and it should show the site suggestions that match up. It will also show if you’re following or not. Leila Grandemange is the original Author. I just reblogged it. Follow these instructions and this should help you. Anymore questions ask. Let me know how you get along.


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