1. I think a free antivirus may help protect you against viruses if maintained up to date but it won’t protect you against other dangerous threats like email phishing or smishing. I am running a free antivirus on my laptop but I don’t have any sensitive data on it and I don’t do any financial transaction or online shopping.

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      1. That is an excellent point.
        We occasionally get suspicious emails, but so far, have been smart enough to spot them.
        We don’t keep sensitive information on anything hooked up to the net, either. Just like we have a hard-wired security system vs the type one can monitor by cellphone… if we can do that, it seems like a savvy crook could, too.

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      1. The only times I ended up with something in ‘quarantine’ were when I was on our HOA board & everyone got my email address…. The first time I had to deal with it, I assumed it was a fluke… the 2nd time (same person) I advised them to get anti-virus… the 3rd time, I blocked them. I mean it is FREE, there is no excuse not to protect one’s computer!

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      2. I’ve been spamming all the e-mail addresses I don’t recognize. Microsoft blocks the whole computer. Found out though it’s not really Microsoft. Get a lot of phishing e-mail. I have to ask, What do you mean by blocking them? Do you SPAM Them?

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      3. I have yahoo mail. Under settings, there is an option to block up to 500 addresses. I have no idea if others have that option, but would think it’s possible, since I know it is possible to block specific addresses on twitter…. Let’s face it, in the current emotional climate of Left vs Right some individuals are getting downright vile in their comments – those are ones I block – I block ‘sailor language’ from either side because I simply don’t want to be involved with someone who is too inarticulate to give a logical, rational reason for their stance.
        IF you’re interested in how to block tweeters: go to the offending site, then on the right side of their screen, you will see an option to follow AND to the right of that are 3 … (except they are vertical) Click on that and choose the block option, if you want to.

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      4. If I don’t recognize an address, I put it in the spam file, where it’s protected and I can open it to verify if it’s an issue. For a while, we were getting emails from ‘yahoo’ claiming that our email would be shut down IF we didn’t resign in (via their link)… I turned them into yahoo.
        I’ve had that account for about 20 years & like the fact that it is independent from our phone and/or internet services.

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      5. Fingers cross that we both continue to be lucky! I can’t understand why anyone spends their time and resources on malicious things. Maybe that is because my goal is to lighten and enlighten.

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      6. LOL, I get a ton of Spam, too… We lived in Panama for a few years – have been back stateside since 2011, would you believe that the majority of my spam is still in Spanish?!?

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