Washing Your Face



Hello and welcome readers, I just got done doing the Beauty Tag that the amazing and awesome Simple Serenity’s blog. I was contacted about question #15. The person who contacted me was the amazing and awesome da-AL from HAPPINESS BETWEEN TAILS and suggested a post on #15.


The question I was asked about was How Many Times Do You Wash Your Face Daily? Here is my answer for question #15. This may sound crazy but due to my sensitive skin, I don’t wash my face daily but only a few times a week. Everyone has their own Beauty/skin routine that they go through each day or each week and I’m no different. But how do we decide how many times we was our face? In my experience, it’s through trial and error and once you figure it out, you get rid of the previous skin routine and start a new one that’s better for you and your skin.


When you know what type of skin you have it is easier to know what type of skin routine you need to start. When I started my skin routine in my younger years, I washed my face daily then put on my makeup. Now that I’ve gotten older, my skin/beauty routine has had a complete makeover. I don’t wash my face daily anymore in fact, I wash my face weekly and the only makeup I wear is either chapstick, lip gloss or lipstick.


There are many reasons for changing your skin/beauty routine. Below are some of those reasons.

  • Skin type gets more sensitive as you age.
  • You clean your skin with one of those makeup remover wipes.
  • Your skin is tightening too much.
  • You might be getting those dreaded wrinkles.
  • You become allergic.


My reasons fit in with the first two. I found out my skin was becoming more sensitive when I found out while working I was allergic to ALL makeup. Yes, I said All makeup including that makeup made for sensitive skin. I also used makeup wipes which worked for a while until my face started going red. Not Good.


My skin/beauty routine is so much simpler now. In fact, I wash my face with cold water once to twice a week  and I don’t use soap. Sound crazy? For me it dries out my face. The only makeup used now is chapstick and I wear lipstick or lip gloss when I go out somewhere.


Everybody’s will have a different skin/beauty routine because everyone has different skin types. Whether you use makeup remover wipes to clean your face, wash your face with soap and water, wash your face with just water or maybe you have another way you take care of your skin. I’m interested in knowing your skin type and also your before and after story of why you changed your skin/beauty routine. Please use the contact form below.





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