This is an update on some comments going to my WordPress SPAM FOLDER. I addressed this 5 days ago and if you haven’t read the post or you just want to refresh in your mind what I’ve said, you can read the post by clicking HERE

To those who are going to my SPAM FOLDER and are wondering why? Let me try to explain. I’ve been getting SPAMMED by certain sites and from what I’ve been seeing WordPress SPAM Filter is not only putting the sites in SPAM but other sites with part of the same URL.

What Do I want from you? I need all of you to patient and bear with me please. Another thing I ask of you especially those getting Spammed please don’t keep commenting me What? If you have a legit blog I will find that out when I check out your site. If you…

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. You know Crystal I’m getting very odd sites from WP in my SPAM. In fact whoever they all are & there are about 20 or so of them they all target comments made by others on a particular blog post with one word “WHAT?” It is so annoying as I can’t trace them no matter what I try to do. The Akismet feature here works well to capture the idiot spammers. And yes the odd time, someone ends up in SPEAM but I check every time I’m on site….Don’t spammers have anything else to do?
    Regards, Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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