Kindness is not holding a grudge 

Over someone who has hurt you

In some way and/or betrayed you.

Kindness is forgiving that so-called

Friend or enemy when you don’t 

Want to. Kindness and forgiveness

Gives you many benefits you and lets

You smile more so people will

Want to be around you more.

Holding a grudge and not

Forgiving someone will make you

Miserable and other people won’t 

Want to be around you. So instead of

Holding a grudge over someone

Forgive, Forgive, Forgive them and

You’ll find that you’ll be so happy 

About being happy that you’ll 

Never want to hold a grudge again.




  1. Sometimes it takes MERCY to forgive others…to forgive when we do not think they desire it. And then to have the Grace to apply the Mercy…it sure pays off to be able to forgive ourselves and others. Just like Christ Jesus, the Nazarene has forgive us when we did not deserve anything but Judgement

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  2. The weak can never forgive.Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong -Mahatma Gandhi..Beautiful words, aren’t they ?
    Infact , here in India , a holy event & a festival of forgiveness called Paryushana is being celebrated every year. Right now , it’s underway ( from 7th September to 14 th September )
    So Let’s share our thoughts on & celebrate Forgiveness :

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