Growing Up Without A Computer Or Cell Phone


Welcome Everyone to my blogWELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING). I want to tell you about my experience growing up without a computer and/or a cell phone. 

When I grew up believe it or not computers and cell phones weren’t a big thing. In fact, when I was growing up I remember playing with my two younger sisters who just happen to be fraternal twins with personalities that are like day and night and we played with the other children that lived on the street. I even remember walking up town to the little grocery store where you could even get penny candy for an afternoon. I lived in a time when you didn’t need to lock your doors. That changed when a rapist moved in across the street from us( that could be another post entirely.


I have to be honest with you entirely, it wasn’t bad growing up without computers or cellphones in my opinion mostly because I had other children to play with from our street or I played with my sisters. I even remember going to slumber parties. Eventually my parents got one of those old-fashioned bag car phone by Trac Phone. I really never missed having one until I got older. That’s when I started asking my parents for a computer. 


As I mentioned previously, when I became older meaning in my 20’s  I started really wanting a computer. Every time I asked my mom would ask me what do you want a computer for? Each time I would tell her the same thing which was for e-mailing my friends. After years of not getting a computer or cell phone I stopped asking for the computer. I really never asked for a cell phone because I thought why have a cell phone when you already have a computer. You see, I thought I was thinking logically or so I thought. When I stopped asking for my computer I think my parents were relieved LOL and waited several years to see if I would start asking again. I didn’t.  My parents eventually rewarded me for waiting several years.


I never got my first computer until I was 40+ years old. OK I know some of you think you waited how long(gasp!!) I know to some of you that might seem like an eternity but was well worth it. Let me explain. You see  just because I waited several years for my computer doesn’t mean I stopped wanting one. I just thought after asking for so long and not getting my computer I was never going to get one. Boy was I ever wrong. One Christmas, I opened all my small gifts first which is what I normally do unless I decide to change things up. I kept going over and over in my mind what my big gifts could be. It never crossed my mind it would be a computer and a computer case. I was so excited that I was jumping up out my chair and screaming thank you, thank you, thank you to my Mom and Dad and my youngest sister got me a computer case. If I would have opened the computer case first I would have known what the second gift was and probably wouldn’t have been excited either. I was thrilled to get a computer.


My first computer which was an Acer computer and it was bought at Best Buy lasted me 3-4 years then it literally crashed. I couldn’t believe it. So I looked around for a second computer. Eventually found one sale at Staples.


My second was an upgrade from my last computer. My second computer was bought at Staples too and was a Dell. It also was a Windows 8 and my first computer was a Windows 7. I eventually upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10( I got the free upgrade). My second computer eventually went after 3-4 years. Found out later that the motherboard on my computer went. The technological guy said when the motherboard goes that’s when you should buy a new computer because it costs more to fix than to buy a computer. And to think I just took it in because the cord wouldn’t hold a charge. Who would’ve thought something so simple would turn into something so difficult. I sure didn’t. Since I already had my computer they tried to pull off as much stuff as they were able to off my computer and put it on a flash drive. I got another computer that day with another upgrade.


My third computer and hopefully my last is still working and running. I’ve had my computer for two years now and learning something new each day. When I bought my new computer which is a Lenovo ideapad 320S, it had Windows 10 pre-installed and other new things which I have yet to learn. I love my Lenovo computer.


If you ever bought a computer and I think most of you have, then you know once you’ve chosen your computer they start asking you do you want to buy the extra add ons? A lot of people don’t buy them because they think I don’t really need this and believe me I’m guilty of thinking this too. When I bought my first add-on I never thought I was never going to use it. Guess what? I used it. It would’ve cost me an arm and a leg if I wouldn’t have had it. My computer was my Birthday/Christmas gift from my parents and they bought the extra add ons and McAfee Live Safe anti-virus to install on my computer. Hope I don’t need it but at least I have it in case something should happen.


In my opinion, before turning down the technological associate for add-ons that might save you money in the long run, think of how much it will cost you to fix that cord and/or computer and compare the costs. Trust me $100 for the cost of an add-on you may never use but what if something unexpected happens and you do need it. $100 will be like a drop in the bucket compared to what that cord or computer will cost you and trust me it will be more than $100. So my suggestion, GET THE ADD ONS THERE WORTH EVERY PENNY!!


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3 thoughts on “Growing Up Without A Computer Or Cell Phone

  1. 🙂 I also grew up without a computer and a cell phone (Back then, those two things were for those people who had lots of money).

    I went through a lot of cell phones.

    And, I am proud to admit that my first computer still works; it is a Sony VAIO laptop computer; model: VGN-NR-460E; which was manufactured back in 2008.

    Today, technology is more advanced and the younger generation takes things for granted.

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