Ever wonder about who is in your ancestry? Ever wonder what kind of pets your ancestors as children? I have wondered about both these questions. Why? That I’m really not sure but it might be the stories I’ve heard growing up in my family. As for the pets well I don’t know anything about that except I hope they were animal people like our family was.

As it happened, my one niece when she was in highschool had to research her family tree and now her brother who just turned 16 had to research his family tree not to mention someone else researched our family tree/ancestors for both sides of the family the Miller’s and the Stewart’s.

The results proved to be quite interesting. Please understand we were only given the Stewart ancestry. As I said the results were interesting. You see I found out that the one Queen Elizabeth was in my Ancestry(not the one that’s reigning now). It goes as far back to Alfred The Great. Pretty Cool Huh? I didn’t even get a wedding invitation to Kate & William’s Wedding, Meghan & Harry’s Wedding. What’s the deal not sending invitations to your ancestors? What gives?🤷🤷🤷🤷 

Well if you have any interesting ancestors in your family please let me know. 






#REMEMBER ME THURSDAY is remembering those pets we love and how we enjoyed them. Sound sad well maybe a little or you can do what I’m going to do and tell your unique store how you adopted or rescued your pet.

My story is very unique because you don’t hear what I’m about to write about happening to often. My story is about how my family and rescued my current pet, a cat named Daisy Mae. Please enjoy this true story.


How Did We Rescue Daisy Mae? Well when they say a cat chooses you and you don’t choose a cat they’re right. It all started one night when my parents brought me home from work. Where I work was 25+ miles away. They were telling me on the way home they thought they could hear a kitten meowing but couldn’t see it. They didn’t have time to look at that time but when I opened the car door my mother said to me, I wonder if we can still hear that kitten we thought we heard? As I walked out of the garage I could heard a loud meowing. So since we had the time we looked and looked around the area where we heard the meowing and after a while we found this black and white kitten that was no bigger than my Dad’s hand. 

We all knew what had to be done but there was slight problem. We already had a cat and we knew she wouldn’t be happy with a kitten invading her space. So we fed this kitten and put her in a cage since dad said he wouldn’t let another animal in the house until “Pigs Fly”. Mom and I were convinced but the kitten had to convince Dad. So we fed her, gave her water and kept her warm.

Then around September 12, we were having my nephew’s 4th birthday party at our house and of course the kids wanted to see the kitten. We wanted to name the kitten so we let the kids choose a name for the kitten. Since you never know what kids will come up with we just waited to see what name they came up with and surprisingly there were no crazy name suggestions. They all agreed on Daisy Mae.

Since we had an old garage at the time, it was common to see snakes and/or Snakeskin in the garage. But when my sisters and dad told the rest of us they saw a big snake in the rafters we laughed at them and said yeah right. Guess What? 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷Pigs flew that night sometime because my Dad said that’s it I’m saving Daisy Mae and she’s coming in the house.🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 We tried to keep Daisy Mae in a very large cage and we put the cage by the register and covered it with a blanket to keep her warm at night. What happened next is actually funny. The cage was large enough but the openings on the side of the cage were large enough that she could get through. We found that out when she came upstairs. That’s when we started putting a blanket over top of the cage so she wouldn’t get out at night.


We were very fortunate to get to see Daisy Mae’s mother a couple of times. We saw her when Daisy Mae’s mother came to make sure her little kitten had found a good home. Daisy Mae’s Mother was black and white just like Daisy Mae. She was beautiful.

When Daisy Mae got older but still a kitten and bigger, we knew we didn’t want to introduce our senior Tabby cat, Tigger and Daisy Mae who I’ve found out is probably a Tuxedo cat. We knew we had to do something so we discussed several options and the best option was Dad’s idea. He suggested we put up a screen door and lock the Dining room door to separate both cats for a while. This idea worked then after quite some time we finally introduced both cats to each other and the result was just a little hissing from the senior cat and no hissing from Daisy Mae.

Tigger our senior cat who didn’t play and exercise much started playing and exercising again when Daisy Mae started playing with Dad. Tigger’s personality changed too. She mellowed a lot.

Tigger was in her last days and that was becoming more and more obvious by the day and the best we could do is keep Tigger comfortable. Sadly her time came the morning of September 11, 2015 when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Tigger was a rescued cat too. Tigger was rescued in the sense we got her out of a bad situation. 

I’m happy both cats got furever homes with us. Better yet we still have Daisy Mae 12 years and 15 days. 





Squirrel Photo

On September 18, 2018 at 8:40 AM Eastern Time, we caught a photo of this fellow looking into the trail camera. Not sure how to caption this one. Any ideas please let me know.


My Testimony

Hi everyone, I want to talk to you about your testimony. Now you are probably thinking, I’m a “small time fish” in this world so I don’t have a testimony or anything to teach anyone. Well guess what? If that is what you are thinking then I’m here to tell you everyone has a testimony and there is always something you’ll be able to teach someone whether you know it or not. I want to share with you my testimony and some of the things I was able teach people. Please read below.

My testimony starts when I was a young child. Childhood is to be fun and a time to meet new friends. It doesn’t always go the way you want it. Instead, my childhood was full of classmates, neighborhood boys and girls bullying me. I was bullied through college. However, I never thought I thought I would be bullied and falsely accused at my place of work but guess what? I was wrong. While in college, I got to meet Maya Angelou and that was a wow moment.

What you need to understand is before I was hired I let the person know I had a disorder that would make me slower than other people and they said that wouldn’t be a problem. After being hired I told my boss I only had 1 kidney so I may be making a lot of bathroom trips. I asked if that was a problem and she said no. 

Now there were a few times I fell backward and almost hit the base of the glass table. I know some people would think I’m crazy but it was as if an angel or group of angels moved my head and just guided it to the marble floor. If you’re thinking didn’t that marble floor hurt? Yes it did but probably not as bad as if my head would have hit that metal base on the glass table. Makes me glad I always take angels with me daily.

After college, I received an unexpected letter from a college classmate named “Dylan” (not his real name). What was so special about this letter? Many things actually. You see he told me I was the reason he asked Christ into his life, He told me I taught him a lot and he asked me if I remember wanting to go on a retreat but couldn’t go because things were financially tight. I remembered that. He continued to say you remember you went on a scholarship. I remembered. He told me in the letter he paid for it when he found out I really wanted to go. I never got to thank him. This was all in the letter.

So in a nutshell, ever since I asked Christ to take over my life, my life has been different. 

If you haven’t asked Christ to take over your life yet, I ask you to do so because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do. If you don’t know how and/or just want to talk privately you can use the contact form provided below instead of using the comment section.



What’s Wrong With My Cat?

As you see in the pictures above her muzzle, ears and between her eyes are rubbed raw. She bites a lot, itches, a lot, digs her ears a lot, she rubs a lot and licks a lot. We had her to the vet and the vet couldn’t do much for us. The vet did give her antibiotic shot and a steroid shot which helped for 1 month and that is it.  My family and I suspect that Daisy Mae has skin allergies.  What is anybody else’s thoughts. I’m at a loss that is for sure. Sometimes it gets so bad we put Neosporin cream on to help her and she hates that.

Well I hope I get some good suggestions.

Book Review Of Widows By Lynda La Plante – Oh What A Mystery



When I read the first look at this book on BookishFirst, I found sad and mysterious. Mystery happened when her husband is killed or murdered and she can’t believe he is dead. There are many questions that are asked. The questions you might ask yourself are: Who killed her husband? Is he really dead? Why did he or she do it? Is he faking his death? Are the dental records correct? There are many other questions that can be asked too.

I love all the mystery in the first look and even though she identifies the body as her husband, is it really? Could she be wrong in her mourning and her grief? Is he still alive? 

I recommend this book and also recommend this book to everyone. This book is very good.

I look forward to reading more books from…

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The world needs laughter and humor in this world and comics about the Rise of the Superheroes brings that. This helps cheer you up whether you need it or not. 

When they say laughter is the best medicine they are not kidding. It is something we are in dire need of with all the evil in this world.

Our people who have mental disease or are just plain depressed should start reading and looking at comics and they might find it might help them.

Am I a doctor? No but I do know laughter helps. If you smile at someone when they are down or mad they will most likely wonder what you are up to not to mention that you get more wrinkles when you frown than when you smile. Also it is easier to smile and doesn’t put as much pressure on your jaw. Would I recommend this book from the excerpt? Yes.

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Book Review Of Flawless

Flawless-216x300To see the book review please go to Book Review Of Flawless


Author: June Foster

Title: Flawless

Book: 1

Rating:// 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻/👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻(Translation: 5 stars/5 stars)


Flawless is a book by June Foster.  She sent me this book in PDF. I want to send out a huge Thank You to her.


I thought this book was interesting and a very good teaching tool. It teaches us about gluttony, forgiveness, humbleness, anger, acceptance and so much more.

I found this book that is about two people who are brought together by two totally different pasts. The guy meets her and thinks she’s beautiful, friendly, supportive and in one word flawless. But what he doesn’t know or realizes is she not. You see she has lost her leg and miscarried when she was in a terrible wreck. She now has a prosthetic she hides the best she can because she is afraid of what people will say and will do. She then meets this…

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**I was given a PDF of this book

by the author June Foster for my

honest review.*


Author: June Foster

Title: “A Home For Fritz”

Rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars

This book is an excellent read. The book starts out about a young girl, the boss’s daughter and the boss’s daughter. The boss sends his daughter and the employee(young girl) to a ranch for a few days. The employee falls in  love with a wrangler that works at the ranch. The boss’s daughter sees this and tries to get the wrangler interested in her. She fails miserably. 

The employee had gone exploring finds a dog caught in a coyote trap. A wrangler named Garrett helps her get the dog out of the trap and they got the dog to the vet.

I won’t say to much more because I don’t want to giveaway the book. However, what I will tell you that this is a fantastic book. I loved it. Starts with an OH NO event and with the twists and turns of this book it made for very good reading. I recommend this book.

About The Author: June Foster is a retired teacher turned author and lives with her husband in Alabama. She began writing in January 2010 while sailing down the freeway in their RV. To date she has 4 books with Desert Breeze Publishing and one with WhiteFire Publishing. Her novella Red and the Wolf is based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood came out  in March 2014. She loves to tell stories of a flawed character who overcomes the struggles in their lives by God’s Power and His word.

Where Can June Foster Be Found? June Foster can be found different places. You can visit her at: