What’s Wrong With My Cat?

As you see in the pictures above her muzzle, ears and between her eyes are rubbed raw. She bites a lot, itches, a lot, digs her ears a lot, she rubs a lot and licks a lot. We had her to the vet and the vet couldn’t do much for us. The vet did give her antibiotic shot and a steroid shot which helped for 1 month and that is it.  My family and I suspect that Daisy Mae has skin allergies.  What is anybody else’s thoughts. I’m at a loss that is for sure. Sometimes it gets so bad we put Neosporin cream on to help her and she hates that.

Well I hope I get some good suggestions.


21 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With My Cat?

  1. First of all you must change food. There is specific Royal Canin (or Hill’s) skin allergy dry food and cans. Then change vet, a new opinion is needed. Yellow pages or internet will help you to find a cat dermatology specialist 😉

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  2. I agree it is some kind of allergy. My cat Scooby would get big red scabs on his face. It was an allergy. One of the most common allergies of cats is to fish. Scooby was allergic to fish. Check your cat foods for fish or even fish oil in the ingredients list on the label and don’t give them. Since Scooby can’t have fish, nobody here gets fish! Even a can marked “chicken” frequently has some fish as an ingredient! This goes for dry food too. You might get lucky! I hope so!

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