My Testimony

Hi everyone, I want to talk to you about your testimony. Now you are probably thinking, I’m a “small time fish” in this world so I don’t have a testimony or anything to teach anyone. Well guess what? If that is what you are thinking then I’m here to tell you everyone has a testimony and there is always something you’ll be able to teach someone whether you know it or not. I want to share with you my testimony and some of the things I was able teach people. Please read below.

My testimony starts when I was a young child. Childhood is to be fun and a time to meet new friends. It doesn’t always go the way you want it. Instead, my childhood was full of classmates, neighborhood boys and girls bullying me. I was bullied through college. However, I never thought I thought I would be bullied and falsely accused at my place of work but guess what? I was wrong. While in college, I got to meet Maya Angelou and that was a wow moment.

What you need to understand is before I was hired I let the person know I had a disorder that would make me slower than other people and they said that wouldn’t be a problem. After being hired I told my boss I only had 1 kidney so I may be making a lot of bathroom trips. I asked if that was a problem and she said no. 

Now there were a few times I fell backward and almost hit the base of the glass table. I know some people would think I’m crazy but it was as if an angel or group of angels moved my head and just guided it to the marble floor. If you’re thinking didn’t that marble floor hurt? Yes it did but probably not as bad as if my head would have hit that metal base on the glass table. Makes me glad I always take angels with me daily.

After college, I received an unexpected letter from a college classmate named “Dylan” (not his real name). What was so special about this letter? Many things actually. You see he told me I was the reason he asked Christ into his life, He told me I taught him a lot and he asked me if I remember wanting to go on a retreat but couldn’t go because things were financially tight. I remembered that. He continued to say you remember you went on a scholarship. I remembered. He told me in the letter he paid for it when he found out I really wanted to go. I never got to thank him. This was all in the letter.

So in a nutshell, ever since I asked Christ to take over my life, my life has been different. 

If you haven’t asked Christ to take over your life yet, I ask you to do so because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do. If you don’t know how and/or just want to talk privately you can use the contact form provided below instead of using the comment section.