#REMEMBER ME THURSDAY is remembering those pets we love and how we enjoyed them. Sound sad well maybe a little or you can do what I’m going to do and tell your unique store how you adopted or rescued your pet.

My story is very unique because you don’t hear what I’m about to write about happening to often. My story is about how my family and rescued my current pet, a cat named Daisy Mae. Please enjoy this true story.


How Did We Rescue Daisy Mae? Well when they say a cat chooses you and you don’t choose a cat they’re right. It all started one night when my parents brought me home from work. Where I work was 25+ miles away. They were telling me on the way home they thought they could hear a kitten meowing but couldn’t see it. They didn’t have time to look at that time but when I opened the car door my mother said to me, I wonder if we can still hear that kitten we thought we heard? As I walked out of the garage I could heard a loud meowing. So since we had the time we looked and looked around the area where we heard the meowing and after a while we found this black and white kitten that was no bigger than my Dad’s hand. 

We all knew what had to be done but there was slight problem. We already had a cat and we knew she wouldn’t be happy with a kitten invading her space. So we fed this kitten and put her in a cage since dad said he wouldn’t let another animal in the house until “Pigs Fly”. Mom and I were convinced but the kitten had to convince Dad. So we fed her, gave her water and kept her warm.

Then around September 12, we were having my nephew’s 4th birthday party at our house and of course the kids wanted to see the kitten. We wanted to name the kitten so we let the kids choose a name for the kitten. Since you never know what kids will come up with we just waited to see what name they came up with and surprisingly there were no crazy name suggestions. They all agreed on Daisy Mae.

Since we had an old garage at the time, it was common to see snakes and/or Snakeskin in the garage. But when my sisters and dad told the rest of us they saw a big snake in the rafters we laughed at them and said yeah right. Guess What? 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷Pigs flew that night sometime because my Dad said that’s it I’m saving Daisy Mae and she’s coming in the house.🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 We tried to keep Daisy Mae in a very large cage and we put the cage by the register and covered it with a blanket to keep her warm at night. What happened next is actually funny. The cage was large enough but the openings on the side of the cage were large enough that she could get through. We found that out when she came upstairs. That’s when we started putting a blanket over top of the cage so she wouldn’t get out at night.


We were very fortunate to get to see Daisy Mae’s mother a couple of times. We saw her when Daisy Mae’s mother came to make sure her little kitten had found a good home. Daisy Mae’s Mother was black and white just like Daisy Mae. She was beautiful.

When Daisy Mae got older but still a kitten and bigger, we knew we didn’t want to introduce our senior Tabby cat, Tigger and Daisy Mae who I’ve found out is probably a Tuxedo cat. We knew we had to do something so we discussed several options and the best option was Dad’s idea. He suggested we put up a screen door and lock the Dining room door to separate both cats for a while. This idea worked then after quite some time we finally introduced both cats to each other and the result was just a little hissing from the senior cat and no hissing from Daisy Mae.

Tigger our senior cat who didn’t play and exercise much started playing and exercising again when Daisy Mae started playing with Dad. Tigger’s personality changed too. She mellowed a lot.

Tigger was in her last days and that was becoming more and more obvious by the day and the best we could do is keep Tigger comfortable. Sadly her time came the morning of September 11, 2015 when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Tigger was a rescued cat too. Tigger was rescued in the sense we got her out of a bad situation. 

I’m happy both cats got furever homes with us. Better yet we still have Daisy Mae 12 years and 15 days. 






4 thoughts on “#REMEMBER ME THURSDAY

  1. Two brief stories: Marigold I got during an adoptathon when the shelter had 300 more animals than it had room for. Soon as I saw her I chose her. She was 4. Next: I was looking for a big tabby cat to be Zeke the Maine Coon’s playmate, and finally I saw one at a Petsmart–Scooby–and I brought him home. He and Zeke are great buddies and playmates.

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