Ever wonder about who is in your ancestry? Ever wonder what kind of pets your ancestors as children? I have wondered about both these questions. Why? That I’m really not sure but it might be the stories I’ve heard growing up in my family. As for the pets well I don’t know anything about that except I hope they were animal people like our family was.

As it happened, my one niece when she was in highschool had to research her family tree and now her brother who just turned 16 had to research his family tree not to mention someone else researched our family tree/ancestors for both sides of the family the Miller’s and the Stewart’s.

The results proved to be quite interesting. Please understand we were only given the Stewart ancestry. As I said the results were interesting. You see I found out that the one Queen Elizabeth was in my Ancestry(not the one that’s reigning now). It goes as far back to Alfred The Great. Pretty Cool Huh? I didn’t even get a wedding invitation to Kate & William’s Wedding, Meghan & Harry’s Wedding. What’s the deal not sending invitations to your ancestors? What gives?🤷🤷🤷🤷 

Well if you have any interesting ancestors in your family please let me know. 


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