Usually when you see a tag what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Well if you’re anything like me, 2 things cross my mind. They are:

  • Why so many links?
  • What, another tag?

I’ve done several tags and if you want to see them you can go to AWARDS. I know the reason or at least I think I do why some don’t do awards and tags and that’s because of so many links, posts and etc… I’ll be honest, I hate the links but don’t mind posting. So Daisy Mae and I(mostly me) came up with an award/tag that has very little stipulations. It’s great (or at least I think so) so I hope you like our tag. Nothing fancy but we don’t want you want you to be disappointed if we don’t give it to you right away because we’ve got so many  to give to were doing it monthly(or at least try that). Below is what our Award/Tag looks like.


We hope to start giving this award out either tonight or sometime tomorrow. This Award/Tag is to recognize all those good bloggers out there. We have 3 stipulations and you’ll find them below.

  1. Give this Award to at least one blogger.
  2. link to me when you give the award to some other blogger.
  3. Put #CRYSTALANDDAISYMAE’SRECOGNITIONAWARD if you do a post or share.

That’s all you have to do. Easy. No posting. You only have to do a post if you want to.

This is our first time to make an Award/Tag of our own so hope everyone likes it. Keep in mind this Award takes in both of my sites so no one should feel left out.


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