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I started this blog/post site so I could blog posts I read on other sites. However, I’m finding that I’m having fun writing my own posts and sharing my pictures with you I’ll probably be doing a lot less reblogging and sharing of somebody else’s posts unless it’s really a good post. I also just got my first  digital camera on Christmas Eve and just love it. I look for me to be taking a lot of pictures. In fact previously I wrote a short story about my cat.  I hope to share it along with a few pictures of my cat. I have taken pictures of some of my family and a picture of a gingerbread house my nieces and nephew made. This sounds like fun. I probably won’t blog everyday just every-now-and then. I have written 2 blogs with pictures .  Please enjoy these blogs. Above is my cat Daisy Mae. Below are pictures my cat Daisy Mae.

Gingerbread House That Was Made By The Nieces And Nephew On Christmas Day.


It’s been almost 2 years now since I joined WordPress(January 2017). It’s been a wild, rollercoaster ride with less up and downs. Even though my main reasons for joining was to have fun and my curiosity, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet such nice people online that had quality blogs to read and follow. My love for animals, country living, photos, my friends and family, Poetry, books and so much more have helped me write posts for both of my blogs. I’m really doing what I set out to do and that’s Having Lots Of Fun. MY GOAL HAS BEEN MET. YEAH!!

All of my pets except for one have been rescued/adopted. Please when you’re looking for a pet start at your local animal shelter. You might be surprised what you find. Also, remember that animals need love just like you do. ALWAYS RESCUE/ADOPT ANIMALS WHEN YOU CAN.


What’s Up Friend?

Hello Friends, I would like to welcome everyone to my site. My site, COUNTRY LIVING is about ANIMALS, COUNTRY LIVING AND MORE.

I started my own site because I like to take pictures and I thought it would be fun to start my own blog. I’ve even gone as far as to write a short story about 2 of my cats. I’ve been thinking about writing another one. Maybe now I’ll blog instead. I will probably post about crafts, family, holidays and vacations too.  Also, I will post about living in the country and post other posts. That story about my cats is called Tigger And Daisy Mae.  I find writing a post or blogging relaxing. It seems that when I start writing, I just can’t stop.  With my cat story, it easily could have been a lot longer. I just hope everyone feels free to share my posts and blogs. The above picture is of a squirrel looking into the MOULTRIECAM. This picture was taken right behind our house on a small campsite. Below are some pictures that also come from the MOULTRIECAM and I hope you enjoy all pictures.