A Special Awww…Monday & Sparks

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Since on Saturday, October 27, 2018 a horrible tragedy happened in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh, PA where a guy who wanted to kill as many Jews as he could only killed 11. That’s 11 to many in my book. I’m sure you have heard about this tragedy by now even if you don’t have a tv, computer or smart phone.

For those of you not familiar where Pittsburgh, PA is let me see if I can help. It’s a city full of people who are sports oriented and willing to help each other in times of trouble and tragedy. I don’t like to go to this mostly because it’s hard to navigate due to construction going on all the time it seems. Pittsburgh is probably 2 to 3 hours away from where I live or about 50 to 60 miles away from where I live.

When I heard about it on Saturday, I was just sick. My heart goes out to the families and friends who lost loved ones in that tragedy. I noticed there were brothers. Not too much older than myself and maybe some of you too. they were 56 and 57 years old and oldest person was 97. What were they doing wrong? Absolutely nothing. All they were doing is having a church service and/or mass.

May God be with the families and friends of the ones that were killed.

The best Spark I have for you today is to stay positive when tragedy or trouble strikes. Remember, some good will come out of the situation. A King James Version Bible verse I just love and you should remember too is: 

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  —-Isaiah 40:31 KJV—-









Love Is

badge-smLOVE 1Another one of those weeks where I racked my brain on what to do for Positive Sparks Monday then wouldn’t you know it, it came to me or should I say the words came to me little by little until they just poured out.

Then I thought would my poem Love Is be a good Positive Spark. My answer came to me right away and that little voice kept saying was of course your poem will work because how much more positive can you get than love.

So this week my Positive Spark is on Love. 


Love Is

By: Crystal Stewart

Love is a Mother and/or Father telling their children things will be alright when they aren’t sure themselves~Love is a parent cleaning and putting a band-aid on their child’s scrapes and then they kiss them on the forehead making things all better~Love is helping the elderly in the wintertime~Love is helping someone without expecting anything in return~Love is helping someone not as fortunate as you~Love is respecting the flag~Love is the compassion of a cat or dog~Love is a true friend~Love is someone willing to die for you and I to give us our freedom~Love is a mentor~Love is a Grandma giving you chocolate chip cookies~Love is having someone to talk to who is willing to listen and understands your problem~Love is a hug~love is a stuffed animal that can’t talk back to you.

So when you come across someone who needs your help, give them some love by helping them and/or just listen to them instead of walking on by.  Why? Please read the Bible verses below. That’s right, I said Bible verses. Trust me they are very helpful. The passage below is sometimes used for weddings.  A passage that was on a bookmark for my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding when they were married in April of 1992. 


is patient and kind;

love is not jealous,

or conceited, or proud,

or provoked;

love does not keep

a record of wrongs;

love is not happy with evil,

but is pleased

with the truth.

Love never gives up;

its faith, hope

and patience

never fail.

Happiness(A Poem)

I wasn’t sure what to do for Sparks on this wonderful Monday. Then it came to me, I would write an encouraging poem. As soon as I started writing the poem the words just came to me like I was writing a song. Have an encouraging Monday and rest of the week my blogging friends.




Happiness is a smile~Happiness is a wave of the hand~Happiness is the sun shining~Happiness is no snow~Happiness is going to a Lady “A” concert~Happiness is mentoring someone~Happiness is shoveling snow for your neighbor~Happiness is doing something nice for someone who hates you~Happiness is a cat laying on your lap~Happiness is marrying the one you love~Happiness is having a cat or dog as a pet~Happiness is a rainbow~Happiness is a beautiful pink sunset~Happiness is knowing you have done something for someone without expecting anything in return.