Merry Blogmas: Day 16 – The Uniqueness Of Snowflakes(The Legend Of The Snowflake)

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Today is the 16th day of Blogmas and honestly I was having writers block until I read my devotions this Morning. I thought how neat and interesting it would be if I wrote on the uniqueness of snowflakes. With winter here and some of got 5 to 7 inches of snow it’s interesting to just watch the snowflakes. So I decided to do Day 16 on Snowflakes(The Legend Of The Snowflake).

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As people we are unique ourselves. None of us is alike and we all have different passions, different likes and different dislikes. Also, some of us like cats for pets, some like dogs for pets, some like like both cats and dogs and some like snakes. Yes I said snakes. Now that you know how unique we are let’s go onto snowflakes.

Snowflakes are unique too only in different ways. In fact there is not one snowflake that is alike. Even though some snowflakes are extra small, some snowflakes are small, some snowflakes are medium size and some snowflakes are big but all snowflakes are unique no matter what size they are. All snowflakes even taste different  But despite that we are taught snowflakes are unique the question remains are they really? I did some research on this question and found some Links For The Uniqueness Of Snowflakes.  I found it interesting and hope you do too.

I’ve added some of my own pictures as well of some images from the internet. ENJOY.



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