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How much money you should charge for sponsored content? Beginner blogger tips.

Interesting and Informative. A Must Read For Everyone that has a blog or is thinking about getting a blog.

Being Chantal

I got my first paycheck after 3 months in 2010. It was 500$. But I didn’t know how much to ask so I let the company decide for me. I under sold myself.

So, how much money should you charge as a beginner blogger for your content?

Let’s get into it!


I know now that I was underselling my blog. I asked too little and they took advantage of that. Does that mean that they are evil? No, just good business people. When it comes to business, there are no hard feelings. Don’t take it personally.

However, after 7years I’ve learned enough to know how much to charge for my blog content. Here’s the down low.

How much you should charge for your blog content:

There is no set amount that you should charge for your blog content.
people make it up as they go. (Later in the blog I…

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Spread the Love Friday – Be Full of God!

Good post. Always Follow God.

His Perfect Timing

Always put your hope in God.  Hosea 12:8

Happy Friday!  It’s a beautiful day to spread God’s love.  We all go through trials and tribulations in our life, but we know that we can turn to God at any time for strength.  It’s so comforting to know that we can always count on him.

Have you ever thought of what it means to be “full of God”?  It means that his glory just radiates through us all the time.  We just glow when we are full of God, because his love is bubbling out of us.  Sometimes I think that is all we need to do, and our life is a witness to others.  It doesn’t mean that we never make mistakes.  It just means that we have God beside us, and we will always overcome whatever trials we face with his help.

Today, be full of God!  God bless…

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Hi Everyone, I received this email from Armstrong that they are running a contest that you could win a Signed Guitar From Luke Bryan. A signed guitar from Luke Bryan would be a great prize. I wish everyone the best of luck on winning this guitar.

For more information on the contest you can contact Armstrong at their link at 

Please Note that due to the screenshot you can’t press the the enter button but if you want to enter please go to Win a Signed guitar from LUKE BRYAN! Good Luck All!!