Hi everyone, my name is Scrappy Doo and I’m a Maine Coon Mix. I’m also a Male and Medium Size. I need a furrever hope and would really, really, like it if you could adopt me. I’m in a No-Kill shelter but want to find a furrever real soon PLEASE HELP ME. !!  To find out more about adopting Scrappy Doo you can do so by going to SCRAPPY DOO  .

I am trying to help get SCRAPPY DOO adopted. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. 



Rose Pearson Giveaway

Here’s a giveaway I thought everyone would like. Good Luck

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My Book Update

As most of you know, I tried to write a poem for a friend but the poem never developed in fact, I ended up writing my first book which was very unexpected and surprising. If you didn’t get a chance to read my post or maybe want to just to refresh your memory you can do so by going to MY ACCIDENTAL WRITING PROJECT. I do hope you click this link.

I have made a lot of progress since I last posted about my writing project. The last time I reported I was at 26,350 words. However as of 3-15-2019, I am now at  51,420 words. I haven’t decided yet but there may be a book two or I may put that book in with this book and they’ll be together. But if I do that, that will be one thick book. If I ever decide on a Book 2, I think it will be called The Royal Sentence. I’m really excited that I’ve gotten this far. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll see my published. That would be a dream come true.

I’m already living part of my dream. For those of you who have big dreams or even small dreams, keep dreaming and working your way toward them. You never know when they’ll come true. 



Notification Technical Problems

I am very frustrated right now. I just tried to reply to your comments and your blogs but for some reason WordPress is having technical difficulties. Gravatar is not even up and over at the Forum they tell you not to make anymore threads on this problem. So I ask all of you for your patience since it will probably be a while to I answer you. Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. It’s not my fault it is WordPress’s. I will be posting this post on CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE and WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING). Thanks Again for your patience.


Giveaway & Guest Post: Death in Dalmarva by Caroline Taylor — Dab of Darkness Book Reviews

Heya Everyone! Please welcome Caroline Taylor back to the blog. She’s here to share info on her latest book, Death in Delmarva, as well as an insightful guest post on cruelty. Scroll to the bottom for the Paperbook Giveaway! When Cruelty Is Needed by Caroline Taylor I once worked as a publications director for a […]

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Hello and Welcome to WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING), I having some unsettling news I feel all bloggers should know about. I know how hard all of us bloggers work on our content  then to find out somebody may be stealing it. It’s just horrible just horrible. 

How did I find this information out? I follow Basil’s Blog and get updates almost daily. When I read this before their main post, I was in shock and knew I had warn other bloggers. Basil’s Blog did provide the website and the site to check it is: Petzilia.

What you can do.  Ask them to take the content down but be forwarned, Basil’s Blog has tried that and were unsuccessful. Petzilia continued to steal content.  Good Luck getting your content to be taken down if it was stolen.


ARC Review: KNIGHT: Sons of the Alpha




When I read this shifter book I had read no more than two books in the same genre. So I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve come to learn that you don’t judge a book by its cover and excerpt. Some book excerpts will not always be as good as what the book turns out to be. If I were to judge the book on its cover only, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. However, the book excerpt is very intriguing. I wasn’t disappointed. So I ask you not to judge a book by its cover or excerpt.


This book is in the Paranormal Romance/Shifter genres. Yes it talks about werewolves but it’s more about romance and shifters.


The cover of the book is incredible. Perfect for this book. I’m getting from people who just…

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