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Washing Your Face



Hello and welcome readers, I just got done doing the Beauty Tag that the amazing and awesome Simple Serenity’s blog. I was contacted about question #15. The person who contacted me was the amazing and awesome da-AL from HAPPINESS BETWEEN TAILS and suggested a post on #15.


The question I was asked about was How Many Times Do You Wash Your Face Daily? Here is my answer for question #15. This may sound crazy but due to my sensitive skin, I don’t wash my face daily but only a few times a week. Everyone has their own Beauty/skin routine that they go through each day or each week and I’m no different. But how do we decide how many times we was our face? In my experience, it’s through trial and error and once you figure it out, you get rid of the previous skin routine and start a new one that’s better for you and your skin.


When you know what type of skin you have it is easier to know what type of skin routine you need to start. When I started my skin routine in my younger years, I washed my face daily then put on my makeup. Now that I’ve gotten older, my skin/beauty routine has had a complete makeover. I don’t wash my face daily anymore in fact, I wash my face weekly and the only makeup I wear is either chapstick, lip gloss or lipstick.


There are many reasons for changing your skin/beauty routine. Below are some of those reasons.

  • Skin type gets more sensitive as you age.
  • You clean your skin with one of those makeup remover wipes.
  • Your skin is tightening too much.
  • You might be getting those dreaded wrinkles.
  • You become allergic.


My reasons fit in with the first two. I found out my skin was becoming more sensitive when I found out while working I was allergic to ALL makeup. Yes, I said All makeup including that makeup made for sensitive skin. I also used makeup wipes which worked for a while until my face started going red. Not Good.


My skin/beauty routine is so much simpler now. In fact, I wash my face with cold water once to twice a week  and I don’t use soap. Sound crazy? For me it dries out my face. The only makeup used now is chapstick and I wear lipstick or lip gloss when I go out somewhere.


Everybody’s will have a different skin/beauty routine because everyone has different skin types. Whether you use makeup remover wipes to clean your face, wash your face with soap and water, wash your face with just water or maybe you have another way you take care of your skin. I’m interested in knowing your skin type and also your before and after story of why you changed your skin/beauty routine. Please use the contact form below.





DSCN0467Hello everyone and welcome. Simple Serenity has done a Tag called the Beauty Tag and nominated everyone who reads her post which can be found HERE. Please understand my answers will be from when I was younger mostly since I’m allergic to ALL makeup I’ve tried. I want to Once Again, I want to thank Simple Serenity for nominating everyone who read her post/blog.

1.) What do you love about makeup? 

When I wore makeup  I loved it because it covered up my blemishes. It also made me look good too.

2.) How long does it take for you to do your makeup?

When I wore makeup it took anywhere 5 to 10 minutes. Since I only where lipstick or chapstick now it doesn’t take that long.

3.) Do you remember your first makeup item?


4.) Will you leave the house without makeup?

Yes. Since I’m allergic, I do it a lot.

5.) Favorite lipstick?

Anything on sale, right color and as long as it looks good. Favorite — No.

6.) Name a makeup crime that you hate?

There are many but one that comes to mind is when I was in college, a young woman was coming up the hill I was going down and I thought  I’d entered a Halloween party this young woman had that much makeup on and it was on thick and it looked to be in layers too. I could go on and on about this crime but won’t.

7.) What product do you buy mostly?

Lipsticks and glosses. I have a lot.

8.) One makeup product you can do without?


9.) Favorite makeup hack?

Always carry a cosmetic mirror/powder to touch up your makeup.

DSCN046810.) Matte lips or Lip gloss?

Glossy lips all the way but sometimes wear matte lipstick.

11.) Do you wear fake eyelashes?


12.) What is your most cherished beauty makeup product?

Face powder was my most cherished beauty product.

13.) Favorite makeup brand?

Tough question. I really like the Clinique brand.

14.) What is your skin type?

Very Sensitive, Pale, Freckled and normal to oily.

15.) How many times do you wash your face daily?

This may sound crazy but due to my very sensitive skin, I don’t wash my face daily but only a few times a week.

16.) Any Acne story?

Yes. In my younger years, I used an Acne cream to try to get rid of my acne because I knew it worked. I used it this time to get rid of my acne and I broke out with more acne. It had the opposite reaction.

17.) Do you like trying out new skin care products or do you stick to a routine?

Stick to a routine.

18.) Do you think you look good even when you don’t have makeup on?

Absolutely. I love how I look and if other people don’t like how I look, that’s their problem.

My Nominees Is Everyone that reads this. Link to this post and let me know if you do the Beauty Tag so I can check out your answers.






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I made the changes because I got SPAMMED/TROLLED. This just started happening and I hope the 2 websites stop.


If you are a follower or regular reader, you most likely aren’t blacklisted. I hated going this way but it was the only way other going totally private.  I hope you keep coming and reading to both of my sites. If you need to know the sight please use the contact form to ask me and I will give it to you.


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Friendly Fill – Ins


This week for Friendly Fill – Ins: Week 98 ANGEL TIGGER AND “QUEEN” DAISY MAE will be answering the Friendly Fill – In Questions.  We do hope you join us. To check out Friendly Fill – Ins each week go to and


1.) I am the “Queen”/Ruler of the family.


2.) I have no siblings currently. Angel Tigger used to be my sibling.


3.) I am looking forward to the beautiful flowers and pretty butterflies this Spring.


4.) The first sign of Spring this year was a Robin in the middle of the snow.


Types Of Bullying And The Possible Solutions To Stop Bullying


You Should Kill Yourself. You’re Weird. You’re Different. You’re Not Pretty. You’re Not Handsome. You Can’t Do That. Your Stupid. The list goes on and on. Got your attention? I hope so because with the way technology is now days bullying happens more than we think. Another thing we should consider is that boys aren’t the only ones that bully but girls bully kids too.

Graphic Is By: forfreepsychology.wordpress….

These phrases could be considered bullying. Which type of bullying? The phrases I have listed in the Introduction fall into the Verbal Bullying and Cyber-Bullying categories. Are these the only two types of bullying? Sadly no. In fact, there are six types of bullying that can happen. The six types of bullying are: Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Relational Aggression, Cyber-Bullying, Sexual Bullying and Prejudicial Bullying. I will be taking a look at each type of bullying, Giving examples of each type of bullying and I will also give visual examples of each type of bullying too.

Graphic Is By:

Types Of Bullying

Physical Bullying:

Physical Bullying is considered to be the most obvious form of bullying. Physical Bullying happens when the more popular kids are bigger, stronger and more aggressive than the unpopular kids. Examples of Physical Bullying are Kicking, Punching, Slapping, Shoving and Other physical attacks that occur. Unlike other types of bullying, Physical Bullying is the easiest type of bullying to identify.

Graphic Credit: Istockphoto

Relational Aggression:

Relational Aggression is a sneaky type of bullying that usually goes unnoticed by parents and teachers. This type of bullying is sometimes referred to as emotional bullying. Relational Aggression is a type of social manipulation where the people who are the bullies try to hurt their peers or sabotage their social standing. Examples of Relational Aggression are: Being told they can’t be in a group, People spread rumors about them,  People manipulate situations and They try to break confidences.  The bully’s goal is to make themselves look good-by controlling or bullying another person.

If we take a look at both females and males, you will usually find that females use Relational Aggression more than males.  A person on the receiving end of Relational Aggression Bullying is often teased, intimidated, insulted, excluded and ignored.

Bullying doesn’t just happen in schools but can happen in the workplace too. Kids as young as 2 years old can start to bully other kids. Why does bullying start so young and how does it develop? I learned that bullying is something that just doesn’t suddenly or mysteriously appear in young children. In fact, children bring with them a history of experiences with family, media and other children.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto


Cyber-Bullying is when a person uses the internet, smart phone or other types of technology to target another person, threaten, harass or embarrass someone. Cyber-Bullies often say things they don’t have the courage to tell them face to face. Examples of Cyber-Bullying are: When a person sends nasty e-mails or text messages, Posting nasty and embarrassing pictures on social media, videos and websites.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

Sexual Bullying: 

Sexual Bullying is when a person or group of people targets someone sexually. Examples of Sexual Bullying are: Sexual Name Calling, Crude Comments, Vulgar Gestures, Uninvited Touching, Uninvited Sexual Advances and Pornographic Materials. In some cases Sexual Bullying can lead to sexual assault and possibly rape.

I know for a fact that this type of bullying actually does happen and to boys too not just girls. I know a teacher who knows a child that has had Sexual Bullying happen to him. I’m not naming the child or teacher due to privacy and security issues. But do note that this type of bullying happens more than you think. Also, this type of bullying is not just in schools but the workplace too.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

Prejudicial Bullying:

Prejudicial Bullying is mostly between teens. It is based on race, religions and/or sexual orientations. It is sad to say this can take in all other types of bullying. When this type of bullying occurs it is often severe and could lead to hate crime.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

 6 Common Types Of Bullies

Bully Victims:

Bully Victims often rise up after being bullied. They’ll bully others weaker themselves because they have been bullied themselves. Their goal is to regain the power and sense of control in their lives. Other times the bully victim comes from a home life riddled with domestic violence or suffers abuse from an older sibling. In cases like these bullying is a learned behavior.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

Popular Bullies:

Popular Bullies have big egos.  Popular Bullies also have a group of supporters and/or followers. They are often confident and condescending towards others. In fact, Popular Bullies often feel a sense of entitlement that comes from their popularity, their size, their social status and their upbringing. Popular Bullies are sometimes the school’s star athlete and is often looked up to by others since they’re perceived as leaders.


Relational Bullies:

Relational Bullies are usually somewhat popular and enjoys deciding who is popular and who isn’t. Often times Relational Bullies usually only use Verbal and/or Emotional Bullying to control someone. Mean girls are considered to be Relational Bullies.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

Serial Bullies:

Serial Bully is systematic, controlled and calculated in their approach to bullying and they are often found in popular circles. However, adults such as parents, teachers and administrators usually have no idea what a Serial Bully is capable of because on the outside they may seem sweet and charming to authority figures but on the inside they can be very mean to others they don’t like. Examples of Serial Bullies are: They become fake friends to others and They are skilled at lying to get their way.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

Group Bullies:

Group Bullies are either part of a clique or a group that just follows the leader just to belong. However, they usually act different when they’re alone even with the victim. Because children feel better when they’re in a group, they also feel less responsible because all their friends “are doing it”.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

Indifferent Bullies:

Finally, I found in my research that Indifferent Bullies are unable to feel empathy. They often will appear, unfeeling, cold and have very little remorse for what they do. They get enjoyment out of seeing someone else suffer and getting disciplined. They are discouraged by punishment. Also they are usually brutal, cruel and mean and usually have psychological problems.

Graphic Credit: istockphoto

I have given you something to read and think about but I said in the title of my post that solutions were included. Below are some of my solutions that might help with bullying.

Solutions For Bullying:

  1. Don’t Start Bullying Anyone.
  2. Walk Away If A Bully Tries To Pick A Fight.
  3. Think Before You Post And Send.
  4. Make The Block Button Your Friend.
  5. Someone Starts Name-Calling Don’t Argue But Walk Away.
  6. Tell Your Teacher, Parents And In A Worse Case Scenario Tell The Police.
  7. Never Argue With A Bully.

There are plenty of more solutions and I’m sure you may be able to think of some but these solutions that are listed especially Number 7 Never Argue With A Bully, are some important solutions that might help.

Links Used In My Research:

I used my EXPERIENCE With Bullying, I Used My Indirect Experience With Bullying,  I used 6 Types of Bullying Every Parent Should Know AboutHow Does Early Bullying Develop and you can find more solutions at 10 Ways to Reduce Bullying in Schools.

Graphic Credit: Highwaystarz-Photography/Thinkstock


My conclusion is very simple, if you think you see bullying happening do something about it and report it.





By: Crystal Stewart

Bullying is a mean way to

Gain power over a person

Who is weaker than the bully.

Although bullying happens more 

Often than reported, walking away

And reporting it are the best solutions

To bullying and hope anyone in a

Bullying situation will do exactly this.

My plea to everyone is don’t bully but 

Treat the bully with extreme kindness

And they will wonder why you are being

So kind to them when they are

Being mean to you.

So be extra kind to bullies.



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