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Guest Blog Post: “Adopting a Pet: Do These Things First” by Crystal

via Guest Blog Post: “Adopting a Pet: Do These Things First,” by Crystal

*This post first appeared on Happiness Between tails *.




Graphic Credit: Elise Xavier From KittyClysm.com


Graphic Credit: Elise Xavier From KittyClysm.com

Pets Overload has honored WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) and CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE with the SUPAWSTARS SPOTLIGHT AWARD. Why is this award so special to Daisy Mae and I? Probably because this award is given to pet and animal blogs in recognition of a pawsome job from one pet blogger to another.


  • You are to choose 5 pet bloggers and link to their blogs and describe why each of them deserves this award.
  • You must encourage the pet bloggers to shout out 5 bloggers themselves.
  • You must leave a comment on their blogs letting them know you’ve given them the spotlight.

I follow several good animal blogs so it’s hard to pick just 5.  Please note I will give this award out many times so if you don’t get the award this time you may get it another time. Since I will be awarding this early this month, I’ll be skipping March with the award.


  1. Tails Around The Ranch
  • I have nominated Tails Around The Ranch because their blog is about a pawsome pooch and a the adventures of a pet therapy team. Helping pets deserves an award in my book.

2. Hands on Bowie

  • I have nominated Hands on Bowie because this pet blog is about a cat and deals with the journey of happiness and grief.

3. 4cats Blog

  • I nominated 4cats Blog because this animal blog deals with all kinds of pet issues than can come up at anytime plus I like the fact there are two types of posts and shops – English and German.

4. TWOspoiledcats

  • I nominated TWOspoiledcats pet blog because this pet blog deals with helping cats. I like pet blogs who are willing to help. Helping an animal doesn’t always mean you have to give money. This blog also deals with adopting cats and other animals.

5. The Blessing Of Animal Companions

  •  I nominated The Blessing Of Animal Companions because this pet blog deals with living with and caring for animals. This blog deals with something very near and dear to my heart – animals.

Any pet/animal blogs you want to suggest to me will be greatly appreciated. Please use the contact form below to suggest your blog or another blog(s).


Sadie’s Miracle

helpsavesadie02052018I f you remember I recently updated you on a blind cat that needed to be adopted and soon or she was going to die. I also asked you to share her story everywhere you could. I thank everyone for doing that for me and I’m happy to report to you that Sadie Has Been Adopted!! That is right, Sadie got her ‘Kitty Miracle’ and just in time for Valentine’s Day. What a great Valentine’s Day for Sadie.

To read the full story on Sadie it can be found by going to the link via Starting The Week With Good News . Thanks Everyone.

Update On Sadie

As many of you know I asked you to share, share and share some more. I asked you to do this because it might help a blind cat who weighs only around 5 pounds. I’m here with an update on sweet Sadie. She is still alive but the outlook is very grim I’m sad to say. I have been just told she may only have a week left before Sadie crosses the Rainbow Bridge. If you know someone who wants a pet and is willing to give them a forever home. Please ask them to give Sadie a forever home. This cat deserves it.

CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE and WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) asks you to go to BriansHomeBlog and the article about Sadie can be found at URGENT: Please Help Save Special Needs Sadie – Time Critical – Greenville, SC . Please Help.


URGENT: Please Help Save Special Needs Sadie – Time Critical – Greenville, SC

helpsavesadie02052018via BriansHomeBlog.com

This is a picture of Sadie the cat who is in dire need of your help. If she doesn’t get the help she needs she will most likely die. The picture credit is from BriansHomeBlog.com and that’s who gets credit for this picture.

Please share and reblog this article so Sadie the cat gets the help she needs. If you use all your sharing resources she may be saved.  PLEASE SAVE SADIE. Thank you In Advance For Your Help.

Choosing A Watch And Other Accessories To Go With Your Clothes

DSCN0423I received an e-mail from Jesse Miller and she told me that she was searching the web for information on choosing a watch when she saw a great post on my site. That post link she thought was so great was Cat Christmas Gifts and Giveaway .

She asked me if I would mention her Watch Site in one of my posts since I liked her site. Because she asked if I would share her link in one of my posts, She gave me the inspiration to write this post.

No I’m not the fashion police or a fashion expert. However, I do have 18 years of working at a department store. Working at a department store you certainly get an eye-opening experience working with the public, the people who are your co-workers and your bosses.

As we all know  what clothes we wear are very important. Why? Let’s think about that for a few minutes. Whether you are going to an interview, Out with friends, Going out with your wife or significant other or maybe a Meeting with your Boss, you want to look your best. You certainly wouldn’t wear sweats and a sweatshirt if you want to look your best.

Just as clothes are important so are the accessories and jewelry you wear with your clothes. Wearing a necklace, rings, earrings, bracelet, anklet, toe-ring and of course your watch. What does accessories do for the clothing? Jewelry can not only make clothes stand out but it can make an outfit pop. A good example of how jewelry and accessories can help make our clothes look better is if you notice two people out for the evening one is wearing jewelry and one isn’t. Who’s outfit do you notice first? Is it the person who is wearing jewelry or is it the person who isn’t wearing jewelry? So I stress wearing jewelry and accessories do help the outfit. That also includes outerwear. Below are some pictures of outerwear and accessories to match.


As I’m sure you noticed, I mentioned wearing a watch. But what kind of watch are you going to wear? Are you going to wear a watch with a plastic and colorful band, A watch with a clear band, A watch made into a ring or necklace, A Stainless steel Band or my favorite The stretchy band on a Man’s watch. Below are pictures of different types of watches.

Here is the detailed post on choosing a watch called How to Choose a Watch, According to Science – 8 Factors to Consider which  I checked out and found it very interesting.  I suggest you check her post and site out.

Once again, https://daisymae2017.wordpress.com suggests that you check this watch article out at How to Choose a Watch, According to Science – 8 Factors to Consider


The Supawstars Spotlight Award (January)

The 5 Pet Bloggers I’d like to honor for January 2018 are:

  1. ATCAD
  2. Easy Blog
  3. Dash Kitten
  5. 2 Blogging Cats

If your blog hasn’t been nominated and you want your blog to be nominated or know someone who should be nominated please use the comment form below or let me know in the comment section. Now let’s start nominating some good pet/animal blogs.